North Carolina bride surprises groom with unexpected wedding on football field

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BRYSON CITY, N.C. — A high school assistant football coach was brought to tears when he was surprised with an unexpected wedding on the football field underneath the Friday night lights in a North Carolina town.

WHNS reported that Ian Roper, assistant football coach at Swain County High School, was blindsided and brought to tears when the wedding began to unfold before his eyes.

When the band began to play the couple’s song, Roper said he knew something big was about to happen.

His fiance, Robin, showed up at the field in a limo after the school’s big win.  She was wearing her wedding dress.

“He had no clue up until they started playing our song and saw the limo,” Robin Roper said. “That’s when he knew something was up.”

Robin said the moment took a lot of planning.

The two had planned for a December wedding, but plans had to be expedited.

“When our venue fell through, I thought, ‘why not get married at the football field?'” Robin Roper said.

Plans included bringing in Ian’s family from other parts of the country and getting the OK from Swain County school officials.

“We were both choked up and holding back tears,” Robin Roper said.

“I am the luckiest man on Earth, I firmly believe that,” Ian Roper said.

Robin Roper said it might not have been the wedding they planned for, but it was the one of her dreams.

“I got to marry him, so yes, it was the perfect wedding for me,” she said.

Suorce: WHNS/CNN