Greensboro police to lead downtown security guards through safety class

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GREENSBORO, N.C. - Safety in downtown Greensboro will be the focus of a weekend training session for security guards from eight clubs.

The idea is to get them state certified as security guards to try and prevent fights and other violent incidents at popular night spots.

“This certification, along with our on-going partnership with club owners is another example of how working together promotes positive change in our city,” said Greensboro Police Deputy Chief James E. Hinson Jr.

Marty Scarfone, owner of the Cone Denim Entertainment, said he’s paying for the training of 20 people from his club and others.

“To me it was an investment in security and peace of mind for patrons and essentially it helps every business,” said Scarfone.

This past weekend a stabbing at a nearby club left sent one person to the hospital and left another with minor injuries. Scarfone said this training has been in the works for nearly one year and is not in response to one particular incident.

“That's a black eye for any club no matter where it happens because it’s still a club,” said Scarfone.

Other businesses taking advantage of the security training include:

• Club Dreamz
• Club Inferno
• Empire Room
• Greene Street Bar
• Ham’s Restaurant
• Limelight Entertainment
• Lotus Lounge
• Tavo Restaurant

The classes will feature lessons on non-violent response to fights and other problems inside bars and night clubs.

“I appreciate the work of the Greensboro Police Department in helping bring together this public-private partnership to offer this two day security class,” said Scarfone.

The classes are not open to the public.

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