Wildebeest attacks woman at an Iredell Co. zoo

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IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. — A woman is recovering after being attacked by an exotic animal at a zoo, according to WSOC.

The attack happened in front of dozens of school children.

Scottie Brown’s staff was taking school children on the drive on a wagon through Zootastic in Iredell County on Oct. 27 when a mother arrived late with her children.

The wagons had just left, so Brown’s bookkeeper said she’d bring them down.

When Kimberly Hillman got out of the car and shooed the nearby wildebeest, the action caused the animal to become aggressive.

“It hit her, threw her up in the air. She hit (the) ground, it picked her up again and threw her up in the air, and I was getting off the tractor at the time and I ran and got between her and the wildebeest,” Brown said. “It happened because she got out of her car and I guess for that matter, it could have happened to the mother and child? Oh yes, yes.”

Hillman spent about a week in the hospital recovering. She has a black eye among other injuries.

Brown said this is the first time anyone has ever gotten hurt at Zootastic.

Source: WSOC