Voters turning out in big numbers across the Piedmont

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"Looks like we are in for a very full day, a long day, a lot of voters coming out, even after a heavy early voter turnout," said Chief Judge Len Howes at Claxton Elementary on Pinetop Road. Four hundred people cast their ballots within four hours of the poll opening.

"We found a very busy vibe, even a packed house, a little further west in Guilford County at Smith Grove Baptist Church," he said.

At least 800 voters had their say there before noon.

"I enjoy coming out, seeing everyone and having everyone give me the fliers. But I know who I'm voting for, I'm politics-free," said voter Vincent Garrison.

Campaign volunteers say many voters seem to be focused, well-prepared heading into the ballot box this Election Day.

"A lot of people aren't taking our pamphlets. You can tell they already know who they want when they get here, they've been paying attention," said Kimberly Moore-Dudley.

Polls stay open until 7:30 p.m. As long as you're in line by that time, you will be able to vote.