Standing out in your college application

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- College application season has arrived and for many institutions, the early decision or early action applications are due within the next week and regular decision applications are due in early January.

Nationwide, the number of applicants to colleges and universities is growing. At High Point University, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment Joe Cristy says they are getting hundreds of applications every single day.

"I've had students that have started their own businesses," he said. "We've had Olympians. We've had all kinds of applicants."

Not everyone can boast such accolades -- but Cristy says that's okay.

"We love to see students who are active and involved in the community with community service projects," he said.

Perhaps equally important, Cristy says, are some things that admissions officers do not want to see on an application.

"We see a lot of email addresses that are quite inappropriate," he said.

He also cautions that, in the age of the internet, applicants can expect admissions officers to find their online profiles.

"Be mindful of what you might post on social media, whether it be a particular institution you're very interested in, or not interested in," he said.

High Point University senior Ben May advises applicants to apply early decision or early action if it's offered.

"I got it done earlier, and then I had more time to just enjoy senior year," he said.

Oftentimes, applying early also means a better chance of admission. At High Point University, Cristy says they take the majority of their class through early applicant pools.

"Early action is going to be the largest applicant pool at most colleges and universities," he said. "It's non-binding, but at the same point it's showing interest very, very early. We love to have students apply early action because we need to know if your interest is high. We want to know if your interest is high."