NC county voting sites receive incorrect digital ballots

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. — Ten Cumberland County polling sites received the wrong thumb drives Tuesday morning, the Board of Elections confirmed, according to WTVD-TV.

The sites moved from electronic to paper ballots following a mishap that lasted for nearly two hours at the start of voting Tuesday morning.

“They started to trickle out quicker than the normal voting time and I said “What’s wrong?” said Debbie Lown, a campaign volunteer at the Gray’s Creek Middle School site. “They said they were having problems with the computer so they had to hand look-up everybody.”

“Some were pretty perturbed about it and others seemed to make the best of it and came back,” said Wilbert Harrison, another campaign volunteer.

Voters who reached out to ABC11 via social media said the subsequent wait caused some people to leave the polling sites in order to get to work on time.

“We were all encouraging them to come back if they had time, and some of them they wouldn’t be able to come back because of work and child care issues,” Lown said.

Terri Robertson, the director of the Cumberland County Board of Elections, said the 10 polling sites affected were located in Hope Mills, Fayetteville, Stedman and Beaver Dam.

The mishap caused voters to see an entire Cumberland County ballot, instead of a district-specific one, and those ballots could not be printed.

The paper ballots were rolled out, and that caused a delay in voters casting their ballots. . At the Gray’s Creek Middle School site, the paper ballots ran out.

“That’s more than human error,” said Lown. “That’s a gross error.”

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