Wake Forest, Appalachian State to resume football series

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Quarterback Joe Burchette (No. 16) of Appalachian State is shown being tackled by linebacker Dion Williams of Wake Forest in the Deacons' 20-10 win on Sept. 8, 2001, the last football game between the two programs. (Ted Richardson/Journal)

Wake Forest and Appalachian State will resume one of the most hard-fought football rivalries in the history of either school, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Officials at both said Thursday that Wake Forest and Appalachian State have agreed to play twice, on Sept. 23, 2017 and Sept. 12, 2020.  The game in 2017 will be especially significant, in that it will be the first time Wake Forest plays in Boone.

“As a resident of the area, it’s something that people have been whispering in my ear for years – how it would be great to get the Mountaineers back to town,’’ Mike Buddie, Wake Forest’s senior associate director of athletics said. “They’ve got such a loyal following, and a fun game-day atmosphere in Boone.

“So it was a no-brainer in terms of just finding dates that finally worked and get a chance to have them visit town again – and give our fans a place that is an hour and a half away and provides a fun game-day atmosphere that we can step out of our Winston-Salem bubble and get a chance to go up there and play in that environment as well.’’

Wake Forest played Appalachian State in Winston-Salem 22 times from 1975 through 2001. The Deacons won 14, the Mountaineers 7, and the game played in 1988 ended in a 34-34 tie.

The rivalry was put on hold after Wake Forest beat Appalachian State 20-10 in 2001, partly because Wake Forest played in the NCAA bowl subdivision and Appalachian State in the championship subdivision.

The distinction was erased this season when Appalachian State joined the Sun Belt Conference of the bowl subdivision.

The games, historically, have been uncommonly close. Fifteen have been decided by no more than a touchdown and extra point. Nine have been decided by no more than a field goal.

None have been decided by more than 17 points, and only four by more than 10 points.

Wake Forest’s most lopsided victory was a 20-3 win in 1993. Appalachian State’s most lopsided victory was a 17-3 victory in 1991.