Protestors want use of gas chamber on animals in Davidson Co. stopped

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- County Commissioners will continue a discussion about the future of the Davidson County Animal Shelter at its next meeting.

Animal rights groups like Davidson County's Humane Society are urging county leaders to allow another agency to run the shelter, currently run by the Davidson County Sheriff's Office.

Becky Everhart, president of the local Humane Society says the main issues are high kill rates, which now stand at 83 percent, and using gas chambers to euthanize animals.

County leaders are looking into turning the shelter over to another agency like the health department or a nonprofit.

However, County Commissioner Fred McClure says only 37 percent of animals that come to the shelter are euthanized using gas. He also says kill rates can be lowered if more residents spayed and neutered their pets.

"Until people start taking care of their animals, we're going to have a problem with animals coming into the shelter," McClure said.