Bullied girl grows confidence in the YMCA

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A local program is helping kids feel more confident in themselves and their athletic abilities.

Jada Harding, 8, loved to cheer but her experience with the sport was nothing for her to cheer about.

"They were picking on me, calling me fat, pointing and laughing. It made me sad, so I just left and stayed home," Harding says.

Her mother Chelsea tried to encourage her to stick it out. "She was just really sad, her self-esteem just dropped. She just quit."

Jada began going to the YMCA with her grandmother. It was there Randall Ariail met Jada and invited her to join Operation Fit Kids. "Jada was unsure of herself, but in the program, she found people to encourage her and be kind to her. She seems so much happier now and more confident."

Operation Fit Kids is about having fun while getting exercise at the same time. Kids do yoga, team-building exercises and lot of games outside on the Y's obstacle course. "Everybody works together, cheers, helps. There is no bullying allowed here."

Operation Fit Kids' next session begins in early November. Registration begins Oct. 27. For more information, call 336-387-9622.