‘Breaking Bad’ dolls pulled from stores in North Carolina

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RUTHERFORD COUNTY, N.C. — “Breaking Bad” figurine dolls have been causing a controversy across the country — and now they are being pulled from store shelves, including in North Carolina.

Both Walmart and Toys R’ Us have stopped selling figurines modeled after characters in the popular ‘Breaking Bad’ television series.

Toys R’ Us announced it would pull the dolls of store shelves Wednesday, while Walmart told WLOS that it had taken the toys of its website late Tuesday.

Walmart never sold the action figure in stores.

The dolls were pulled after widespread protests across the country.

The hit show portrays a man who makes and sells crystal meth. The character dolls come with accessories including a duffel bag filled with cash, a gun and a tray of drugs.

In Rutherford County on Wednesday, a handful of protesters from the group Run for Addiction gathered outside the Forest City Walmart.

“This really churned my stomach, this really made me sick,” said the group’s founder Angela Sanford, whose daughter is a recovering addict. “It’s not playing house or Barbie and Ken, that’s a drug dealer holding drugs … Are we saying it’s okay? I’m saying no.”

Source: WLOS