114-year-old woman lies about age to join Facebook

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PLAINVIEW, Minn. — Anna Stoehr has seen a lot of history unfold before her eyes — 114 years of history to be exact.

And just recently, she had to lie about her age.

Anna Stoehr

Anna Stoehr

KARE11 reported that when Stoehr tried to sign up for Facebook just before her 114th birthday, she was denied. Facebook would not accept the year of her birth.

So, with the help of a tech-savvy friend, she lied about her age. She entered in the age of 99.

“I couldn’t get in because it couldn’t validate. It was way too far back,” said Joseph Ramireza, a Verizon employee who’s been helping her learn about technology.

Facebook currently only accepts birthdays dating back to 1905, five years shy of her actual birthday in 1900.

Anna was born before her family’s home even had a phone — or electric lights or a car. But now, she FaceTimes with her friends on her brand new iPad.

Ramierza said while he’s taught her about social networking, email and sites like Google, she’s taught him a thing or two as well.

“We started talking about Susan B. Anthony and she said ‘I could have taught you that,’” Ramireza said.

Stoehr celebrated her 114th birthday on Sunday.

Source: KARE11

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