Infant hospitalized after being trapped under decomposing father

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PLEASANT HILL, La. — A 10-month-old child was hospitalized in Shreveport, La. after being trapped underneath the decomposing body of her father for three days, according to The Times.

Sabine Parish Deputy Coroner Ron Rivers told The Times that 43-year-old father Jason Fields appeared to be sitting on the side of the bed when he fell backward and died.

Fields landed on his 10-month-old daughter, Betty Jean, who had a noticeably dark indentation on the right side of her forehead from being wedged against the wall and under the body of her father.

Officials say the child was dehydrated and suffering from blistering skin.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to the Fields’ residence Friday night after Betty Jean’s 5-year-old brother went next door to tell neighbors he thought his father was dead.

Fields had a history of cardiac problems. No trauma was found and no autopsy will be performed.

 The baby is being treated at University Health in Shreveport. The older child was also checked out, but he did not suffer any injuries.

Fields’ wife, who had been incarcerated at the Sabine Parish women’s jail, was granted an early release so she could care for the children.

Source: The Times