Former Charlotte mayor to face judge for sentencing Tuesday

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Patrick Cannon

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon will stand before a federal judge Tuesday and find out how long he’ll spend in prison, according to WSOC-TV.

Six months have passed since Cannon was arrested.  In June, he pleaded guilty to selling his influence for cash.

Court documents describe Cannon taking a $12,000 cash bribe in 2013 inside a bugged apartment in South Park then boldly “placing the money near his ear and fanning the bills.”

Agents posed as developers looking for favors with city planning and zoning. They said they paid Cannon another $5,000 bribe during a free trip to Las Vegas after telling Cannon, “Your real value to us obviously is the position you’re in and that you can pick up the phone and make things happen for us.”

By February, federal agents said Cannon took a $20,000 cash bribe inside the mayor’s office and asked for a million dollars more from an agent posing as a developer who wanted to build a major project along the light rail line.

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