Both sides of gun issue await judge’s ruling on weapons at NC State Fair

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(Image: WTVD-TV)

RALEIGH, N.C. — This week marks the start of the North Carolina State Fair, and a judge could rule as early as Monday whether gun owners with concealed carry permits can bring their weapons onto the fairgrounds, according to WTVD-TV.

Just last week signs were posted at entry gates stating no guns, even legally permitted ones, would be allowed at the State Fair. However, those signs have since been taken down as fair officials and gun advocates wait on a judge’s decision. This after the group “Grassroots North Carolina” requested a restraining order to force fair officials to change their tune.

“The state does prohibit firearms in a limited number of places such as the Governor’s Mansion, the courts and some other places. And the statute specifically lists where guns are prohibited but it does not list the State Fair,” said Grassroots NC member Paul Valone.

A Wake County Judge is scheduled to hear that request Monday afternoon. Meanwhile, fair officials we spoke to on the phone this weekend said they are looking forward to presenting their side of the argument in court, and hoping to keep the public from bringing guns onto the property, as has always been the policy in the past.

Of course, that’s not the only issue people are talking about in connection with the State Fair. Many eyes will also be on the safety inspection process focused on rides, following last year’s Vortex accident. That accident seriously injured a Durham family and is at the center of a major lawsuit filed against the ride’s operator and company owner.

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