Father runs over daughter as he pulls out of his driveway

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KENNER, La. — It’s a parent’s worst nightmare.

Neighbor Raul Rosales says, “We have to ask God to give that father strength, because imagine how he is, realizing what has happened with his daughter.”

As WGNO reported, just before 9 a.m. a tragic 9-1-1 call came into Kenner Police. The caller saying a 14-month old girl had been run over.

Bold marks on the driveway outside the family’s home on Taffy Drive show where the toddler was and where her father’s truck struck her. The family tells us she had just started walking, and headed outside as dad was getting ready to leave and mom was helping him input an address on his GPS. No one had seen her playing under dad’s truck right by his left rear tire until it was too late.

Sgt. Brian McGregor with Kenner Police explains, “Emergency efforts were made to save the child’s life. The child was transported to University Hospital, but pronounced deceased on scene.”

Neighbor Neptalea De Paz says, “The most important thing at the end is to remind parents to be careful, especially with kids that age.”

“Imagine how the family must feel. There have been several cases like this before,” says Rosales.

According to kidsandcars.org year after year several children are killed by a car pulling out, either moving forward or back. Just last year over 100 deaths were reported, and as of October 6th of 2014 104 kids have been killed. It’s why several car manufacturers have installed rear facing cameras.

In this case a rear facing camera would not have helped. The family says the father’s car was in drive. They say they are numb and dad is inconsolable, yet somehow they must find strength as the little 14-month old had two older brothers.

Kenner Police are calling this a tragic accident and say no criminal charges will be filed. As in any fatality death, the matter will be forwarded to the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office for review.

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