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Downtown party to test new, safer traffic pattern in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Friday evening, Action Greensboro helped plan a party downtown Greensboro near Natty Greene's at McGee street, all as part of an experiment for a potentially safer traffic pattern.

The area now known as Hamburger Square used to be the town square of the city until the railroad's development divided part of the intersection and made the traffic pattern a bit confusing.

"There are a few crosswalks but people tend to just walk wherever they want. There are a lot of cars that come through and a lot of bikers don't really use this area because it's unsafe," explained Hillary Meredith with Action Greensboro.

Friday, they blocked off part of one lane of McGee Street, taped off temporary bike lanes and added seating to draw people to the underutilized green spaces in that part of downtown.

"The goal is that we try these things out and some of them become permanent if they really work," Meredith added.

Hillary said Arts Greensboro, PART, Preservation Greensboro and Elsewhere all helped plan the event, too.

With the N.C. Bike Summit in town all weekend, it was a perfect opportunity to experiment with a new traffic pattern and ask bikers and pedestrians if they felt safer.

The party will also include live music, local artwork and food trucks.

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