Woman claims to eat 8,000 calories a day — while staying a size 8

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A woman claims to eat 8,000 calories a day — four times an average female — while keeping a size 8 figure and 24-inch waist. She swears she just can’t put on any weight.

According to Daily Mail, a typical meal for 25-year-old Emma Dalton of the UK: two pieces of lasagna, pudding, 10 cookies, two brownies, four muffins and a slice of cheesecake. But wait, there’s more: 20 pieces of fruit, a large plate of vegetables and cheese.

Dalton blames her eating on a visit to the United States, where she saw how much larger portions of food are consumed. She also was teased for being too skinny in school, so she wanted to add some weight.

She says she’s gained a little weight, but feels “healthier than ever.”

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