Students at Virginia high school file lawsuit against principal, claiming he bullied them

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GATE CITY, Va. — Two separate lawsuits were filed by Gate City High School students against an assistant principal, claiming the students suffered “shame and humiliation” through his “bullying.”

The lawsuits seek a combined $98,000 in damages.

According to the Times-News, the lawsuits were filed by Donald Thomas Gillespie and Nicholas Peyton Qualls and point to an incident with assistant principal Brent Roberts, who also serves as Gate City High School’s athletic director.

According to the lawsuit filed by Qualls, on Sept. 12 Roberts angrily called Qualls to his office after a school pep rally.

When Qualls went into Roberts’ office, the suit states, he was angrily confronted and yelled at by Roberts to the point where Qualls feared for his safety.

Another incident took place on Sept. 26 during the football game at the high school.

Qualls’ lawsuit alleges that during the game Roberts angrily and intentionally and with actual malice confronted both Gillespie and Qualls, accusing them of drinking alcohol and using smokeless tobacco.

The suits states Roberts “forcibly” searched the boys’ book bags and soda bottles they were holding.

Roberts is alleged to have let loose a verbal tirade which caused one the boys to break down in tears, causing the student “shame and humilation” in front of the school.

Both lawsuits state that at no time at or during the game did either student possess alcohol or tobacco products.

Source: Times-News 

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