High schoolers protest classroom conditions

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BRIDGEPORT, Mich. — Students at Bridgeport High School, in Saginaw County, are protesting classroom conditions.

Students told WJRT they held an impromptu protest because they are concerned with the way their education is being handled.

According to the students, there are not enough teachers at the high school, and in some cases, they had classes with as many as 75 students to one teacher.

They say they are in week five of the school year and they have not gotten any of their homework returned. Seniors say they’re afraid that if this continues, they might not be able to graduate by the end of the school year.

The students say Friday was a regularly scheduled half day for them, so classes have been dismissed.

The students also say they have been warned by the administration at the high school not to speak to the media, so they didn’t want to go on camera.

WJRT were able to speak with some of the parents, who say they support the actions of the students.

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