Local equestrians worry about fewer places to ride in the Piedmont

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Equestrians in Guilford County worry they may soon have no place to ride.

Peggy Ferebee, a Summerville resident who travels the country playing "polocrosse" -- lacrosse on horseback -- says this is a threat she and her horse-riding friends encounter often.

"We're running into more cases of places where we used to ride being closed off, being developed," she said.

The latest area of concern for them is a 500 acre piece of land near Bryan Park. The plot was given to Guilford County from the City of Greensboro in the 1990s. Since then, local equestrians have made it their retreat. With county permission, they cleared a five and a half mile trail that riders now frequent.

But now, the City of Greensboro has asked the county to return the land. The city hopes to convert the land into soccer fields.

So equestrians, like Ferebee, worry how their horse trail will fit into the equation. She says they wouldn't mind sharing the land with others.

"We just hope that we can be included in the discussion on how that property is used, so that we can put forward some of the suggestions we'd like," Ferebee said.

At this point, the county has not yet agreed to return the land to the city, so all plans are tentative. City and county officials both reiterate it is very early in the process, and nothing is definite.