Albemarle HS shooting suspect’s family says he was bullied

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ALBEMARLE, N.C. — Students returned to Albemarle High School Wednesday just 24 hours after a student shot a fellow student.

Classmate Bernard Miller remains in a Charlotte hospital after, police said, 15-year-old Jaylen Russell shot him twice in front of the school.

Police say Miller was shot two times in the courtyard after getting into an argument days ago.

The shooter’s  family told WSOC that the teen had been taunted and bullied for days. Russell’s grandmother said he took a gun from her house to Albemarle High School and shot Miller before class.

The grandmother said bullies sent her grandson a disturbing text Tuesday before school. She said they threatened to beat him up that day at school and even to kill him.

Before Russell ever arrived at school, his family members said, he was already worried about what Miller might do to him.

They said Miller and other kids at the school had taunted Russell for days.

“He’s always just had a hard time in school. He was being bullied in school,” his grandmother said.

Russell told his mother about the text, and she called the school that morning and left a message.

But they didn’t realize Russell had already searched the family home, found a hidden gun and was taking it to school.

Police are looking over footage from 40 cameras placed around the school in case of situations like this one.

Source: WSOC