IMC proposes park, event space in downtown High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- International Market Centers, the company that owns 13 showrooms in the High Point Market, is hoping to transform one of its parking lots into a space the whole community can enjoy year-round.

In a statement, IMC says it is working with the city to create a concert space with a fixed stage and a park, in the parking lot between the Mendenhall Transportation Terminal and Showplace.

High Point Communications Officer Jeron Hollis says this proposal is in the initial stages and is nowhere close to being definite. However, he says it's an idea the city enthusiastically supports.

"The idea is that we'd have a venue that would attract not only market vendors, but to be a place for residents and folks in the community," he said. "I think when you talk about revitalization, you have lots of moving parts. This would definitely be a piece of that puzzle."

Initial renderings from IMC indicate that the stage would be versatile -- able to rotate, so as to face either Showplace or the Transportation Terminal. The ability to face the terminal, and thus allow spectators to be under an awning, would be beneficial during inclement weather.

At this point, Hollis said it is unclear where funds would come from for this project, but he adds that the parking lot is owned by IMC and not the city.

Hollis said he anticipates many more meetings between IMC and the city in coming weeks. And, while the plan is all tentative, he says it is one High Point officials hope will come to fruition.

"There's been a lot of excitement. So hopefully something can come forward that's beneficial to the community."

Hollis said the city and IMC will release more information as it becomes available, possibly as soon as in the next couple of weeks.