Project in Winston-Salem seeks to improve Cleveland Avenue community

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WINSTON –SALEM, N.C. -- The Housing Authority of Winston- Salem kicked off the planning for the Cleveland Avenue community with a "Community day kick off" at Fairview Park.

The Housing Authority partnered with Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods in the event to inform the community and gather ideas for the Cleveland Avenue Master Redevelopment Plan.

Last year, the HAWS was one of nine housing authorities selected for the $500,000 2013 Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant.

Real Estate Development Manager Troy Dehaven said the plan to rebuild and transform the community is not to change the exterior build but also to create opportunities for those who live there through education, healthcare and jobs.

"We have a monthly meeting with residents and with our partners; the police department, Baptist hospital, WSSU, Forsyth Tech and a lot of the vendors," Dehaven said.
More than 22 vendors and agencies were present at the community day event.

While Dehaven said the plan is still underway, they are working to apply for a grant soon to put it into implementation.

"What we are going to do is apply for a choice implementation grant and that is actually a 20-30 million dollar grant to make the transformation plan that we come up with happen," Dehaven said.