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Teen hospitalized after eating pot-laced lollipop at school

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Enfield, Conn. — An Enfield mother is angry and upset after she said her 16-year-old daughter was given a lollipop at school that she believes was laced with marijuana, WFSB reported.

Eva Reyes-Portis said her Enfield High School daughter spent the night in a hospital after having a dangerous reaction at school.

She blames lollipops that were handed out in the school cafeteria on Monday, and now she wants the school district and police to investigate and she wants to press charges.

“Be looking out for these lollipops, because these lollipops are very dangerous,” Reyes-Portis warned.

She said her daughter was in the hospital hallucinating and “thinking people were talking to her” when they weren’t.

Her daughter told her the lollipops were shaped like butterflies and stars and “she said they tasted pretty good,” but Reyes-Portis said she believes they are “Cannabis Pops.”

According to toxicology reports, the pops tested positive for cannabis.

After her daughter had the pop she called her mother to say she wasn’t feeling well. The alcohol and drug addiction counselor rushed to the school and when Reyes-Portis got to her daughter, “she was all covered in red blotches and sweating.”

She said she was having a reaction from the pops and was also experiencing heart palpitations.

The school superintendent said the nurse thought the teenager was having an allergic reaction and an ambulance was called, and now the district is investigating.

The police chief said he has assigned a school resource officer to the case and will have more details on what happened, after their investigation.

Reyes-Portis said she spoke with her daughter and said “they made a choice for you to get high, you didn’t make that choice. You need to tell them who gave you the lollipops and point them out.”

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