Woman has surgery to add third breast, hopes to rebuff men

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TAMPA, Fla. — A woman in Tampa who calls herself “Jasmine Tridevil” says she spent $20,000 on a procedure to add a third breast to her chest.

The Florida woman told Real Radio 104.1 that she has a desire for fame and fortune, but she also hopes the third breast will make her unattractive to men.

The 21-year-old says she saved up for two years for the surgery that she hopes will land her a reality television show on MTV. But she also says she doesn’t want to date anymore.

Tridevil received the surgery a few months prior, although “it was really hard finding someone that would do it because they’re breaking the code of ethics,” she said. The third breast was constructed in the middle of her chest with a silicone implant.

Last month, she uploaded a YouTube video of herself modeling in a bikini as Radiohead’s “Creep” plays in the background.

Tridevil says she makes many of her outfits herself.

Source: Real Radio 104.1