Preschool teacher allegedly bit a 13-month-old student after the boy bit another teacher

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Theresa Brown and Nadia Choudhry (left to right)

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — A teacher has been charged with assault and battery after biting a 13-month-old boy because he bit another teacher, WRIC reports.

Detectives responded to the Goddard School, located in Woodbridge, Va., on Sept. 16 to investigate a report of an assault and battery involving an employee and a child.

An investigation revealed that a teacher at the facility, identified as Theresa Brown, allegedly bit a 13-month-old boy after the child reportedly bit another teacher.

The child sustained a bite mark on his shoulder.

A witness immediately reported the incident to management at the facility.

The owner of the Goddard School, Nadia Choudhry, was told of the incident but failed to report it to Child Protective Services in accordance with state law. She was charged with failure to report child abuse or neglect.

The incident was eventually reported to Child Protective Services anonymously on Sept. 12, according to WRIC.

Court dates for Brown and Choudhry have yet to be announced.