Gruesome discovery: 4 dead dogs, several sick animals found at suburban animal hospital

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DOLTON, Ill. — A Dolton police officer delivering a stray dog to an animal hospital made a horrible discovery Sunday afternoon, WGN reported.

Inside, the officer found four dead dogs as well as a number of sick animals in the basement.

The nine other dogs and one cat that were found alive were taken to the animal welfare league. They were found in cages without food or water.

At least two of the animal were being boarded. Investigators are looking for their owners tonight.

The rest are strays.

The mayor of Dolton told WGN he had sent an inspector to the hospital a few days ago who cited the owners for a some violation, but the inspector was only looking at the outside of the facility and never went inside.

A staff member of the hospital which is privately run is being questioned by sheriff’s office.

No arrests have been made.