Knowing what to say makes dating safer

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ELON, NC -- Elon University students are learning how to better navigate the often murky waters of dating and sex. University officials brought in speaker Mike Domitrz of the "Date Safe Project" to help students learn how about ways to be respectful when it comes to relationships.

Carlos Andino is a freshman at Elon University and runs cross country. He logs some 75 miles a week, no problem. But asking for a first kiss? That, he finds challenging.

"You don't want to ask and it be awkward, if she says no. No one really knows what they're doing," Andino says.

Dormitz says the "Date Safe Project's" goal is this: to encourage people of all ages to ask first, and then listen, before they touch, period. Every time. He says that way both people are on the same page and both much safer, in the end. He says not having a specific skill set or the words to say when you're in a potentially sexual situation is what leads to misunderstandings that can be dangerous for both parties.

"We are in different times. Our kids are exposed to things our parents never had to deal with us being exposed to. Nowadays your 11 year old has a phone full of pornography because of the Internet," says Domitrz.

Dormitz speaks at middle schools, high schools, universities and even military events across the country, using humor and role-playing to spread his message of asking first.

"Every time you go on a date, go to a party, just hanging out with a girl, it's very helpful to have this information," says Andino.

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