Bears spotted recently around Rockingham Co. homes

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. -- In the past month, there have been three reported bear sightings in Rockingham County.

One was at Sarah McClintock's home in Madison. This past weekend, McClintock spotted a bear three times around her home. She isn't sure if it's the same bear or if there's more than one bear roaming around.

The first time McClintock saw the black bear was Friday around lunch time.

"He came up over the edge of the deck I saw his paws coming and then there he was," explains McClintock.

Rockingham County is holding a meeting to warn homeowners that bears are wandering around and they need to be careful. No one has been hurt and there haven’t been any reports of any property damaged from the bears.

"They have a right to be here as we do. We want to make sure we protect our families and belongings we have," explains Lance Metzler, Rockingham County Manager.

Wildlife officials told FOX8 black bears’ hibernation is a shorter timeframe and can start as soon as November.

The meeting is at the Rockingham County Agriculture Center on Thursday at 7 p.m.