NC man arrested in 2009 cold case murder

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Larry Gonzalez and Corey Vann (WECT).

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Larry K. Gonzalez has been arrested in connection to the murder of his roommate and co-worker Corey Vann, according to WECT.

In January 2009 a motorist found Vann’s body lying on the side of River Road. Vann had been shot in the head.

Vann worked with 46-year-old Gonzales at Brunswick Cove Nursing Home. They also lived together in Wilmington.

On the night of his murder, Vann was driving home from work and called Gonzales after his Jeep broke down, WECT reported. Gonzales agreed to meet Vann at car repair shop but Vann never made it there.

According to the warrant, Vann’s Jeep was found in the driveway of their residence just hours after the investigation into Vann’s murder began.

Inside the vehicle, authorities found a scrub top with several blood stains.

Gonzalez told authorities he did not know how the Jeep returned to his address.

A search warrant filed at the clerk’s office in January of 2009, states Vann was shot by a 12-gauge shotgun.

Across the road from his body, crime scene investigators found a reducer that can be placed inside a flare gun to discharge shotgun shells.

When Gonzalez was interviewed, he said he had a flare gun stolen from his house but had not filed a report.

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