Thomasville couple adopts through Facebook

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Fate and Facebook brought two families together.

Brad and Love Hulin knew they wanted to be parents but they weren't able to have kids. The Thomasville couple worked with an adoption agency for more than a year and didn't have much luck.

Then, the Hulin's started a Facebook page, Brad and Love's Adoption Journey.

"It only takes one person sharing it for the right person to see," explains Love Hulin. Two months after posting the Facebook page the couple received an e-mail.

"Dear Love and Brad, we have viewed your adoption profile as well as your individual Facebook profiles and would love to get to know you guys and give y'all an opportunity that you have long awaited," reads Brad Hulin.

The Hulin's met with the expecting mom and dad for months.

"We still did everything through the adoption agency that we were working through, all the legalities and counseling was done by our adoption agency," explains Love Hulin.

On June 17, Emma was born.

"She'll know we are her parents but that she has a birth mother and father too," explains Brad Hulin.

Even if the Facebook page isn't around when Emma grows up her mom and dad will make sure Emma knows her story from the start and just how special she is.

"She is one little girl loved by many, many people," explains Love Hulin.

Emma's middle name is Faye, it's a family name of her birth mother's.

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