Facebook rejects NC dad’s photo of infant son in hospital as ‘too graphic’

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DURHAM, N.C. -- A North Carolina father says Facebook rejected a photo of his infant son because it was too graphic when he tried to advertise the Facebook page created to help his son get a heart transplant, according to WTVD.

Hudson Bond was born on July 18. A week later his parents learned he would need a new heart.

Kevin Bond, Hudson's father, turned to Facebook to raise awareness and money for medical costs.

At the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Duke Children's Hospital, the boy's surgeons have equipped the child with an artificial heart. It's helping keep Hudson alive, but only buys time for a heart transplant.

When Bond tried to advertise the page "Hudson's Heart," the social media giant rejected the post. Facebook said the ad with Hudson's picture was rejected because it was scary, gory or sensational, and evokes a negative response.

"I was really hurt actually. I mean I kind of cried. He's my son, I love him. And to have someone reject a picture... [of] my beautiful son lying in a hospital bed needing help -- that really cut me" Bond told WTVD.

Bond said he tried contacting Facebook, to no avail.

The company suggested in its notice that he resubmit the post after consulting Facebook guidelines on appropriate content.

"We love our son, we just want to share his story and raise awareness for kids like him and to see that request denied is hard considering some of the other garbage you see on that page," Bond said.

While the ad for "Hudson's Heart" was taken down, the Facebook page remains up.



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