Enterovirus spreads to Greenville, SC

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GREENVILLE, S.C. — As hundreds of children have been hospitalized across the country with a respiratory illness, Greenville Health System officials said they have seen some children with the virus.

A spokesperson for the health system said they have had some admissions with enterovirus, leading to the hospitalization of some children including at least one pediatric ICU patient.

The hospital said they are working to determine what strain the Upstate cases are, as it may not be the same EV-D68 strain that has infected hundreds across the country.

As of Monday, 10 states including Georgia have requested help from the Centers for Disease Control for help with the illnesses and determining if patients have the EV-D68 strain, according to CNN.

The CDC reports the strain starts with cold-like symptoms, as is common with most enteroviruses, but this particular one progresses with a high fever, possible rash and more. Hundreds of children in the Midwest have been admitted to ICUs for treatment.

GHS said enterovirus is a seasonal illness that is often not serious for healthy children.

“They typically occur often in late summer or early fall,” said Dr. Michelle Viglianco-Van Pelt with the Greenville Hospital System’s children’s clinic. “We see them every year.”

FOX Carolina has reached out to other area hospitals to see if other patients have been admitted and GHS was the only system with confirmed admissions.

On Monday the Buncombe County Health and Human Services released a statement saying that the NC Division of Public Health was “not aware of any cases or clusters of enterovirus-68 in North Carolina.”

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