Woman holding baby claims she was tased by police

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BALTIMORE, Md. -- A woman holding a baby in her arms claims a police officer used a stun gun on her.

Baltimore Police say this claim is not true.

According to WJZ, police responded to a neighborhood in the Gilmor Homes communuity in reference to a disturbance.

Shaky video shows the chaotic scene as officers try to make several arrests.

What happened next sent bystanders into an uproar.

A woman holding an 11-month child approaches police and then backs away. Moments later, a taser goes off.

People scream “Grab the baby!”

Quansha Crooms says she is the woman in the video and was tased while holding her 11-month-old brother, Travon.

Police say the woman was not holding a child when she was tased.

Crooms and her mother, who says she was tased three times by officers, once in her stomach and twice in her back, say police showed no regard for the infant’s safety.

Police do have surveillance video of the incident, but are not releasing it. They say they are investigating whether excessive force was used.

The baby was taken to the hospital to be examined.

Source: WJZ/CNN