Greensboro man creates social experiment encouraging people to write letters

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Many people have secrets they wouldn’t dare share with people face-to-face, but one Greensboro man says that could be doing more harm than good.

Jeffrey Benton is the creator of Letters Never Written. It’s a social experiment that encourages people to write a letter expressing something they’ve never had the courage to say to someone directly.

“I just want people to get it off their chest. I mean we walk down the street and don't even look people in the eye anymore,” Benton said.

Letters Never Written has only been in existence for about three weeks, but it’s already getting attention across the Triad and even as far away as Florida.

One letter reads: "To the baby I never got to hold, you would have been my second. You would have had an amazing older brother that loved you so much. I will never forget the day I lost you. I will never forget the day of complete hopelessness."

The letters can be sent via traditional mail or online. The writer can decide to leave a name or simply write anonymously.

"A lot of them are talking about their parents, one talked about the baby they never got to hold, there are one or two of them that talk to God,” Benton said.

For Benton, Letters Never Written came from his own story. He recently wrote a letter to the father he never met.

"One of the reasons I made the website actually is for that letter to get to him,” Benton said.

He continued, "I didn't actually think it would make me feel good, but it did.”

Some of the letters will most likely make people laugh, while others may make people cry. Benton says no matter the emotion being expressed, he wants to help people be honest.

“We're such a closed race nowadays and it causes a lot of problems. It's just a way to get things off your chest.”

The letters can be viewed publicly on