The 10 best (and worst) Ice Bucket Challenge fails

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The Ice Bucket Challenge is spreading ALS Awareness across the country and has helped raise over $15 million.

The campaign has also dominated your social feed and has provided endless hours of entertainment.

Here are the 10 best (and worst) Ice Bucket Challenge fails:

10. If you’re going to take the challenge in your bath tub, be careful.

9. Does this even count?

8. Ouch! At least she laughed it off!

7. If you’re going to fill up the bucket, make sure you can pick up the bucket.

6. Poor dude.

5. This little girl nailed it.

4. When you get your kids involved, you’re setting yourself up for a fail.

3. So… does she have to do it again?

2. Way too many people involved. “Oh my face!”

1. At least he was wearing a helmet. But… ouch!

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