10-year-old recalls being shot in face during shooting in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 10-year-old girl recalls being shot in the face on Sunday in Charlotte.

Brandon Jamorris Brewer, 27,  was charged in the shooting that injured the girl, along with two Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers.

Police say Brewer fired a bird shot at the girl and the officers, smashing the cruiser’s windshield and shattering windows at the house. Police said Brewer fired through the door at the girl.

Shanise Laney, 10, told WSOC that her cheeks still hurt but that she is doing well.

Her mother, Shanda Laney, is still shaken up and said it still seems like a nightmare. Laney says she was at work when police called her to let her know her daughter had been shot.

Shanise says she was crawling to the bathroom, when she was shot through the window.

Shanise Laney said she was at home with her older sister and few family friends. She said Brewer knocked on their door and asked for a cigarette. When they told him they didn’t have any, she said that’s when he got angry.

“He pulled out a gun, cocked it back, and started firing. We shut the door and we all ran and hid,” Shanise said.

They managed to get into the bathroom where they called 911. Shanise was then rushed to the hospital.

Laney says she’s just glad her daughter is OK.

The family said they know Brewer because he lives right across the street.

Source: WSOC