Trial begins for Alamance Co. sheriff accused of targeting Latino drivers

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ALAMANCE COUNTY, N.C. -- The trial of Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson is set to begin today.

The Department of Justice claims that Johnson's office practiced discriminatory policing and unconstitutional searches by targeting Latino drivers.

The trial begins Tuesday, four years after an investigation was launched into claims.

The lawsuit claims that the department has encouraged a number of discriminatory policing practices.

It also states that the sheriff's office placed a high number of traffic checkpoints outside predominately Latino neighborhoods than in other areas, causing drivers to be checked each time they left their homes.

The lawsuit also claims that Latino drivers were racially profiled and often stopped without reason.

Since these allegations came out, Sheriff Johnson has repeatedly denied the claims.

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  • Josh

    Why is he the one being taken to court? It is known all along the East Coast that the I-85 corridor is how drugs go from Atlanta to the NE.

  • Jason

    What a complete waste of taxpayer dollars!!! Give this man and his team a medal, don’t put him on trial. I think every single latino/Hispanic driver seen on the roads should be stopped and made to produce valid documentation as to why they are in this country.

    • JT

      Not too bright, are you? They tried this in other states, and if failed. Further, if you stop based solely on ethnicity (as this guy did), you are violating the 14th Amendment. Don’t you Teabaggers scream “Constitution!” every other breath? Have you read the WHOLE thing, or just the first one (that you misinterpret to mean you can say stupid, racist stuff and not get called on it) and the second one (that you erroneously think allows you to keep an assault rifle just in case the gubmint gits tyrranical, y’all). Glad you don’t have any power to make legislation–we’d be branding people with Stars of David and sending them to “showers” in a generation or less.

      • JT

        Prove it, Grandpa Nance–Alabama tried this, and it failed because IT’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL! You cannot profile based on race. The 14th Amendment says so directly. Just because you are wrong and don’t like it, that doesn’t mean it’s bull.

      • j r nance (@rnance1950)

        OK Professor, I’ve been wrong many many times in my life & I’m not afraid to admit it but just because you are referring to the Constitution doesn’t mean you’re right about anything plus if a Law Enforcement Officer Suspects persons, (any person of any Nationality) of Criminal Activity then they can be stopped & searched whether they are in a vehicle or walking on the side of the road plus the Sheriff & his Officers hasn’t been found Guilty of any Un-Constitutional searches as of yet but just Claims of Discriminatory searches by the Justice Department run by the Racist E. Holder so you are jumping to conclusions Professor so why don’t we wait until justice is served one way or the other before you start quoting this & that & the Constitutionally of what did or didn’t happen because we don’t know & we’ll see what happens in this court & perhaps higher courts in the future….

      • JT

        Nance, as I can see you make a habit of missing the point (most racist conservatives do), the issue is HIS POLICY OF TARGETING HISPANICS. IF THE SOLE BASIS OF YOUR STOPPING A PERSON IS RACIALLY MOTIVATED, THAT IS A VIOLATION OF THE 14TH AMENDMENT. And please, learn to punctuate your sentences. It makes your nonsensical drivel a little more coherent (and I emphasize “little more.”) Now, drink your Ensure, curl up in the Craftmatic, and read the next chapter of The Turner Diaries.

  • sophie

    So a white sheriff does his job, then gets targeted by the black Obama/Holder ‘justice’ department. That’s what I see happening here.

  • wally

    Truth is you catch a lot of hoodrats when you profile based on race, i guess that don’t look good to the Demorats!!!

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Michael Brown was supposed to start college today but he was shot to death by a terrified rookie.I’m not saying these street cops are bad men,but they don’t think clearly when their scared.

  • celdan

    There should be more Sheriff’s like Johnson, Alamance County has become a horrible place to live due to the crime activity. I say if you don’t have anything to worry about it shouldn’t bother you. Also, that 14th amendment of the US Constitution should only apply to US citizens. I wish we could go door to door and check for citizenship.

  • Rob H

    That’s okay all you liberals, please keep allowing all these illegals into the USA. They come here, have a child that gets on government aid, & then take low paying jobs from Americans. They are diluting the tax dollar for American children. Hence the new law that’s making cuts to Childcare. The number of people that’s on the take from the government has doubled but the tax payer base hasn’t. SO, they have to cut payments so they give spread it among the illegals. Great job all you ignorant democrats that preach “not in my backyard” but the news is, it’s now coming to your backyard. Congratulations. You earned it!! And taking us all down with you.

  • j

    Yea u pull a black man your racist, you pull a mexican your racist stop doing the crimes, and by the way that teenager was in the wrong it dosent matter if the cop was a rookie or not that was just stupid to say that.And then on top of that they riot and trash there on city that shows how idiotic they are, so sick of the race card everytime the police try to do there job.

  • Hillbilly

    never could understand if you are mad at the police why not do something to a police car or something!! no these black idiots go down the street in their own neighborhood and burn down the only grocery store the very one their mama shops at, now how stupid is that!!!! seems like they just look for a reason to act like animals!!

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