Robin Williams’ final post on social media was heartwarming message to daughter

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MARIN COUNTY, Calif. — Robin Williams left his final message on social media about two weeks ago. On July 31, Williams posted a “throwback Thursday” photo of his daughter, Zelda Rae Williams, on Instagram.

#tbt and Happy Birthday to Ms. Zelda Rae Williams! Quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl. Happy Birthday @zeldawilliams Love you!

Williams was found dead in his California home on Monday, Aug. 11 of an apparent suicide. He was 63.


    • mainmanverne

      I wish I had had met him in person, I can relate to his drinking cause I to was in those shoes and I know what he had went through. I would just like to think that he and I could have set down and talk about our problems, maybe shed some tears and of course laughing together. I have found that just to talk to someone that has being there helps better then being in a group therapy, not saying they are bad. People can take it for what its worth, had it not being for God helping me I know to I could have left this world like Mr Williams. I pray for his family cause I to have seen family’s go through this and its hard for them, so my advice for them is turn to God cause he has a BIG shoulder to cry on and he will be with you each day and every day, May God Bless the Williams Family.

    • Susan

      My sincere condolences to Mr. Williams’ wife and children. He was a kind and funny gentle … Man. Suffering from depression, as I have for 40 years now, is an overwhelming feeling, often beyond any common person’s ability to cope, ask for help, balance life, work, and complicated yet simple situations of daily life. Being loved, giving love and knowing one is truly loved are often deep rooted issues many individuals on this earth accept with ease and simplicity. Those of us suffering find it extremely difficult handling lost love, distrustful loved ones and betrayal contributes greatly to one’s ability to cope.

      God will accept His beloved son into His arms in heaven, especially those that create great boundaries and self doubt around them-self. God would never reject one of His children and this is where Robin will finally feel great, unconditional love and no further suffer another moment in his after life.

      Again, embrace each other, Mr. Williams’ family and friends. Even though you will miss him; he no longer suffers and is joy-filled beyond our imagination.

      • Raven

        I’m afraid Mr. Williams will not be going to Heaven….for the simple fact he took his own life….maybe he is being funny in hell right about now.

    • cory

      Who is everyone to think they have a right to criticize or judge another human being or another human beings actions? No its not “cowardly” to take your own life. It’s sad yes, but not cowardly. It’s cowardly to judge or criticize publicly behind a computer…but not able to judge publicly showing ones face. Who can judge where ones soul shall be resting? Hypocracy can be very dangerous when you don’t even realize it’s what you do.

  • marie gibson

    marie gibson
    i grew up watching his shows and movies,,he was a great man and he will be dearly miss upon everyone,,he made you laugh–cry—and just wander what he was going to do next….so sorry for the lost of his friends and family,,,blessing are with all and prays….

  • Jen

    His daughter most likely knows why. He was depressed. When you have that going on in your family, typically everyone else is dealing with the matter too.

  • Toto

    Sad story and sad that such an inspiration to many people growing up have now learned of his suicide….Nobody will ever know what takes a human to really take their own life, but its a terrible ending to such a good life. Now his family is left to deal with the missing pieces and put together everything. Tragic ending for sure…sad to say this, but its also a cowardly act by him.

  • B Felice

    Cowardly act, I think not! Its great to know people like TOTO think suicide is cowardly. He fought thru mental depression all of his life, and he just could not keep fighting. Its sad he left due to suicide, but by no means can you say people who commit suicide are cowards. His fight was a hard one, and because he fought it for so long, shows how strong he really was. If you cannot put yourself in his shoes, you have no right to pass judgment that he was a coward. RIP Robin, you will be missed.

    • Toto

      To take your life to then make your family deal with the tragedy and heartache – what word would you use to describe that? He is famous and regardless of fame or fortune, there are people and counselors and whoever else to help deal with problems. Nearly all Americans have issues and some learn how to deal with them and others dont. But I dont take commiting suicide and leaving behind unanswered questions to family and close friends as an act of courage at all….cowardly act in my book, but thats just my opinion. People fight addiction and take the steps to help and overcome, he unfortunatly had enough I suppose and didnt care about anyone but himself and ended it just like that. No doubt, sad story and I hate to hear of the loss, but not going to give praise and support to someone who took the easy way out when we have people struggling everyday to keep going and stick to the straight path and get no sympathy for hanging on and fighting the ‘good’ fight. To end it just like that is not cool with me. He gave up and didnt care who hurt.

      • joanne

        It sounds as though some one you loved took their own life, and you are very hurt and angry at them. I hate that you are carrying that burden.

      • Terrie

        Toto, your words are cruel and hurtful. Unless you have walked in the shoes of mental illness and truly GET IT, please don’t be so judgemental. Manic/depressive disorder is a chemical imbalance. As a Psych RN for over 19 years, I can tell you there are few that do not respond to ANY medication. When one is in that dark place, they are NOT thinking clearly. Obviously you have never had to deal with Mental Illness. The stigma they carry is bad enough, but to label them a coward is just uneducated and ignorant. You did not suffer the demons in Robin Williams. His family has dealt with this for years and more than likely knew this would happen one day. All families with Mental Illness in their family are sitting on that time bomb,
        Depression is REAL. I hope you never have to go through what he did. He fought it for years and brought laughter and fun and even tears to his fans, but he was in agony most of the time. Sometimes, those demons on the dark side are just too much to battle. Have a nice day.

      • just an opinion

        I agree with ToTo. When was it ever ok to take your own life or others around you.. Regardless of any reason? Courage means facing adversity.. not giving up. I don’t think Toto is being cruel. Just an opinion. What Robin Williams has done is shocking and sad all around and I pray for his family.

      • Anna

        Many people who suffer from depression struggle with it throughout their lifetime. There are periods of happiness, but there are periods of darkness that rip you to shreds. You’re constantly attacked by negative thoughts: You’re worthless. You’re a failure. Nothing you’ve ever done has any value. You cause the people you love to suffer. You can’t do anything right. Things are never going to change because you always mess them up. You’re a failure. They’d be better off without you. Yes, they’ll be sad when you’re gone, but at least you won’t keep hurting them over and over and over and over. They’ll be okay. They’re strong.

      • dre

        I live in an area that has to deal with children and adults killing themselves. Why? People are ill or being bullied. Life is cruel. Why does a girl at 13 do it when she is pregnant (cause her friends). Why does racism still happen? Why is there menatel illness? Ask yourself why

      • mark

        @ TOTO
        i completely agree with you. and to those who stated that Toto was cruel. seriously? i have tried in many forum to talk about how unforgivable the idea of suicide is and here just because he was famous all of the sudden it is such a loss. would you say the same to an unknown person who took his/her life only to avoid the temporary difficulties? i loved Mr. Williams, a very talented and noble man. however being famous doesn’t give you free ticket to ignorance act. He was well off to know better and had support and money to deal with that issue in a more profound way. He was suppose to be an idle , leader and an example for those whom admired him. as always with great power comes great responsibility. And my question is everyday nameless faceless desperate people do the same and we just watch and pass by however a famous personality does that and all of the sudden we hear about all these organization that existed and many never heard about to step in for help. it make me sick that you have to be famous and well off worth saving. Rest in peace Mr. Williams and i hope those whom you left behind can some day forgive you for that. all here can get mad and i care less after all we live in a celebrity loving society. this didn’t have to come down to tragedy and an educated man such as he should know better than causing so much pain for those he left behind..

  • Curious

    Alcohol and drugs have destroyed so many families. Please warn your children to avoid them at all costs. You never know if your child is an alcoholic or addict until it’s too late.

  • Dana Rager

    Robin Williams will be sadly missed. I watche Mork and Mindy, laughed through Mrs. Doubtfire with my grandma and now my children. His memory will live on, but the world just became a little less funny now that he is gone. To his family, my sympathy goes out to you. May your hearts not be broken, but full of love. You will be with him once again. Praying for your family.


    It is such a shame to loose such an intelligent man who could make the whole world laugh. You will truly be missed, but your legacy will live on through all of the artistic work you have left behind. You were probably the best comedian in many decades, and always were my favorite. Praying for comfort and peace for your family and friends through this trying time. RIP Robin Williams.

  • Judy Giese

    Yes,CURIOUS, there are many that do drugs and alcohol “just to get high and wasted” . People suffering from a major mental illness such as CLINICAL DEPRESSION, Bipolar Disorders, Schizophrenia and other Affective Disorders, turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the “pain” along with Psychotropic medication and “therapy”. Generally, its called “dually diagnosed” I have spent tons of time in psychiatric hospitalization for Depression with many “duals”. It can be “all consuming” at times for no apparent reason. Unless people are suffering from depression as this and truly know what the “deep despair” FEELS like, NOBODY has a right to judge a persons actions. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. If there is any consolation with his passing for his family who have “been there” with his struggles, is knowing that he is finally free of his “demons”. RIP Robin. Thanks for the laughs!

  • freespirit

    Being someone who suffers with maniac depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar and borderline personality disorder suicide is not a weakness in my opinion. It is not that you want to hurt the ones who love and who you love but you feel as though you are such a burden to so many and they constantly worry so when things get tough and the burden sets in depressed people end their life to free those of the worry not remembering the sadness is worse. Having attempted suicide three times, no counselor no medication no therapy no help or guidance helps. The depression still exists and it doesn’t just go away. RIP Robin Williams

  • Juanita

    He was a big part of my childhood and was now a big part of my childrens childhood! Depression is something serious, you can run from it but never hide from it! My condolences to his family

  • Cherubina Hicks

    Unless you walk in his shoes which you never will with all the judging going on, you will never understand, never understanding is grounds to keep the negative remarks to yourself.

  • Alice

    Will Greatly Miss you Robin Williams ….you made me laugh when time where ruff in my life ….and you also made me cry …The World was a better place with you in it and we will sorrelly miss you ….I send my heat felt condolences to you family and friends …..For with the laugher that you brought to this World you must have millions of friends that you did not know that you had …..Until we meet again in the after life keep the laugher going on in Heaven …..

  • William Saunders

    Its Easy for us to be quick to judge- now is not the time for judgmental comments – now we should do as God the Father asks and Pray for one another. The family of Mr. Williams needs support now and if we really cared as we say we do. Then prayer is what will get them Pease, and closer. We can’t change what has already happened we can only move forward with God’s help.
    William Saunders

  • bettrhealthnow

    Its easy to pass judgement. Robin Williams will always be loved by all those whose life he touched. I am one of those people. I hope that Zelda and the rest of the family as they go through this difficult time (I lost my dad at age 16) will turn sadness into purpose. Perhaps a foundation in Robin’s name that will help other celebrities, people who are dealing with depression to connect with available resources to know that they are not alone and that they matter very much to those closest to them. Robin’s love for people will continue to live on. God bless the Williams family. May peace and love surround and protect their hearts. Be comforted.

  • Kathy Law

    These niave comments on suicide make me furious. Is it selfish and cowardly to die from cancer or any other termianal illness one has no control over?! The brain IS an organ therefore susceptible to disease, hence mental ILLNESS. Please educate yourself people and stop passing ridiculous judgments.

  • connie T.

    It is so frightening to all of us to see someone with such gifts for the world and his family to leave us in such a shocking way. We wont ever have the answers. We can hope that the world will grow from the knowledge of what drugs and alcohol can do in adding to the downslope when someone suffers from depression. Other addictions take people to very scary places and these are all Illnesses so I wouldn’t pass judgement but everyone has a right to how they feel. Let’s try hard to make one more person in the world feel less alone with their turmoil. Warm Wishes of Peace to the family and friends. RIP and thank you for the years of laughter and warmth Robin Williams. Your pain is no more.

  • Linda

    Thank you, Kathy Law; I’m reading so much ignorance – like Toto. REALLY? Depression is so overwhelming at times that there is no reasoning, thought of consequences, or how your action/s affect anyone or anything. The demons you’ve been fighting win when your options of meds, therapy, and ‘encouragement’ stop working for you. I know a psychiatrist who gave his story of having learned every mental illness, all possible symptoms, all the medicines that help fight these diseases, all of the side effects, options, etc. and thought his papers on his office walls proved how knowledgable he was until he had his first ‘break’ and was diagnosed with Major Depression. When he became stable again, he admitted “I didn’t have a clue! I’d never lived it.” You can’t teach parenthood, even with millions of words and illustrations, experiences, etc. and expect a person to have a real understanding until that person becomes a parent; you can’t teach what marriage is, even with millions of words and illustrations, experiences, etc. and expect a person to have a real understanding until they’re married; and NEWS FLASH – what you think has NOTHING to do with the suffering/thought processes of the mentally ill. You will never understand unless you become a victim – and I hope with all my being you never become a victim – you have a great need to put an end to your own ignorance and learn empathy, too, by teaching yourself through EVERY means you have access to. I have suffered from Major Depression all my life; laughter is the most common ‘mask’ people with depression hide behind. To be “not cool with you” is of absolutely NO WORTH and has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on the actions of mentally ill persons. COWARDS are those choosing to remain ignorant; yes, many, many, many, many people unknown to the world suffer the fight with these demons (sometimes even their own family and close friends have no clue despite their desire to help their loved one). Who are you in reference to ones that are living in this Hell? NO ONE! You and your opinion is like the nose on your face – it smells.

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