Mother arrested after 15-year-old daughter discovered weighing 60 pounds, eating own feces

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LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — A Lawrenceville mother has been charged with child cruelty after she brought her 60-pound, 15-year-old autistic daughter to the hospital.

Jade Jacobs

Jade Jacobs

On Aug. 1, a nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta called police about the unnamed girl who had been brought to the hospital by her mother, Jade Jacobs.

The nurse told police the girl weighed 60 pounds and had bruising on her.

According to the police report, Jacobs told the hospital staff there was an altercation between the girl and her sister.

Jacobs told police the girl had begun to eat her own feces. The nurse said Jacobs brought in an eating plan but it did not appear they were following it.

The nurse told police the girl was eating all she could get her hands on.

The girl had bruising on her right eye and around her left ear, lacerations on her lip and several pressure sores on her knees and buttocks.

The nurse said the doctor thought the pressure sores were from being confined in a small space or held down for an extended period of time.

Jacobs was arrested and charged with child cruelty.

Source: WGCL/CNN


  • a man

    please don’t get me wrong here but if the girl was autistic, isn’t it possible she had these eating habits without her mother even knowing it? I mean if the mother hasn’t fed her anything and this is all she had then yeah I say throw the book at her. but eating disorders do happen and it seems autistic kids are even more prone to get any type disorder as well as more difficult to break them from them. the story does say the woman took her before and a nurse put her on a eating plan, and now she took her back again. she may be the trash that everyone is saying she is but the fact she took her twice for medical treatment doesn’t make sense. unless shes really stupid, if she was guilty of neglect she had to know the hospital would report it. who knows tho??

    • Dee4Me

      Absolutely not 15 yrs old 60 pounds Autistic issue with certain foods is the texture the don’t like soft textured foods this woman is Sick !

    • Mike Watson

      No, it is not possible that she had this sort of eating disorder without her mother knowing it. There is a world of difference between an autistic child expressing displeasure with food prepared or ordered for her (some may call it being picky) and an eating disorder where one consumes very little and coprophagia (no mention was made about the teen eating other non-food items, which might indicate pica).

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