Man beats girlfriend who ‘cheated’ in his dreams

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Carlos Gascon

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. — A man is accused of terrorizing his girlfriend after having a dream that she cheated on him, according to WFOR.

Carlos Gascon, 27, of Miami-Dade County, allegedly held his girlfriend captive for an entire day at her home in the Florida Keys.

The woman was able to call for help on Friday after Gascon passed out.

Monroe County Sheriff’s spokesperson Becky Herrin said Gascon beat her, slashed her leg with a knife, poured hot coffee on her and even threatened to kill her while holding a knife to her throat.

The man also reportedly picked up his dog and slammed it onto the ground.

Gascon was charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault, domestic battery by strangulation, battery, false imprisonment and animal cruelty.

Gascon was placed under a $265,000 bond.


    • Patricia G.

      I guess you didn’t read the article, it say’s HE DREAMED she cheated on him. Usually when someone dreams of being cheated on, it’s their guilty conscience that causes them to dream it.

      • Trina

        Exactly!!! Some people make ridiculous comments… it wouldn’t be funny if it happened to you or your daughter!

      • Brenda

        I don’t know wat is funny, I bet if U were put in the same situation you would not think it was funny, been there done that you are terrorized for your life till you can find an exit, you just pray to God and cry out to him U will be able to find a way of escape or that something will happen or change, will pray for you, U need help !!!!!!

  • Joanne

    Well, obviously if she has an brains at all she’ll get a 50B and a gun, just in case he doesn’t understand that he should stay away. It isn’t hard to figure why the guy is single either, or that he’s probably the one cheating.

    • greatclits

      most females do not desire or fear firearms, they come from a life of concrete pavement and dads wallet, city life in a crowd is all they know, so…… she’s was too dumb to see thru his violence and in time he flipped or so the story goes. If all females would be so vigilant maybe these coward bully males numbers would be low instead of alarming numbers

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