Sheriff: No evidence of criminal act after Tony Stewart hit, killed driver at dirt track

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ONTARIO COUNTY, N.Y. — The Ontario County Sheriff said Monday that an investigation into the death of Kevin Ward Jr. is ongoing but, as of now, there is no evidence of any criminal activity, according to WSTM.

Sheriff Philip Povero spoke at a news conference Monday afternoon, saying investigators are seeking expert help in reviewing the videos of the crash.

On Saturday night, Ward’s car hit the outside wall during lap 14 of a 25-lap race.

A video of the incident shows two cars coming out of a turn with NASCAR driver Tony Stewart’s No. 14 car sliding up the track toward Ward’s No. 13 car. The two cars get close and appear to make contact before Ward’s car hits the wall and spins out.

Ward gets out of his crashed car, walking on the track toward the race cars, which had slowed for a yellow flag. Ward points a finger and appears to be yelling. One car swerves to avoid Ward on the half-mile dirt track.

Stewart’s car passes close to Ward, and it appears that its right rear tire hits him.

An ambulance took Ward to a hospital, but he died before it arrived.


  • Mark Stabler

    I saw one news release in which the Sheriff was asking for any other videos that might have been taken of the incident. Wonder if knows that Stewart’s car was equipped with video cameras which was recording the entire race. The video was to be used in future promotion for Stewart. Was that video seized. Looks like the Sheriff might be rushing to a conclusion. Wonder why??

  • Dickson John

    Tony Stewart didn’t even try to miss Kevin Ward, JR, he rammed into him head-on. The drivers in front of Stewart went around Ward, didn’t Stewart see them going around Ward. Why didn’t Stewart try to miss him, he could have slowly down and moved to the other side of the track. This is murder. Stewart is hot-headed and needs to be mentally evaluated for his out of control temper. Racing is NOT as killer sport, why do we let it be that. Racing has become a joke.

    • Damaris Rivera-vargas

      In my opinion if didn’t get out of the car none of this Would have hhappened he was wearing black and it was dusty everywhere in the track is a tragedy, it’s painful because a life was tragedy But i dont think they should press charges because it was an accident

    • Steve

      Have you seen the video? My god man. He hit him with the right rear, not head on. You obviously know nothing about racing. Sprint cars cannot simply slow down on a dime. No power steering, rear tires bigger than the front tires, on a and on a slippery surface. Ever tried to slow down or stop on ice? How does that work for you? Try to educate yourself before you make such a bold statement, like calling someone a murderer.

    • Chucky

      If Stewart was trying to hit him with the car on purpose, he would have hit him with the front, not the rear tire. Sprint cars drift around the corners of the track so the right rear wheel is always further out than the front wheel. Ward basically ran into that wheel and there was not much Tony could have done to avoid him because he was in a drift when he made the corner.

  • Dickson John

    Tony “THE KILLER” Stewart moved a little to the right and that quick move was enough to hit Kevin Ward, JR hard enough to kill him. Stewart could have moved to the left like all the other drivers. All the other drivers saw Ward, why didn’t Steward see him and move over like all the other drivers. Did Steward feel that Ward was a treat or were there sexual tensions between the two men? Steward is a hot-headed out-of-control disturbed person who will always be known as “THE KILLER”. And he will kill again.

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