9 people sickened after insect fogger goes off in Asheboro business

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — A HAZMAT team was called to El Club Mexicano in Asheboro Monday morning.

Crews responded to the business at 420 Waketa Drive around 11:34 a.m.

Nine people were transported to the hospital and the business was evacuated, officials say.

Officials say someone set off insect fogger, which made nine people sick. They were transported with non-life threatening injuries.

The business is closed for the rest of the day.

Since food products are packaged at this facility, all information has been turned over to the N.C. Department of Agriculture for a follow up investigation.


  • NobodyAtAll

    Why would there be an insect fogger inside of a food stuff business? Love a little insecticide with my red pepper!

    • Brianna

      I guess you mean Mexican people, which is still not an accurate statement because you are assuming only people from Mexico work there. Which that statement is totally inaccurate because what about people from other parts of South America that aren’t from Mexico ex.(Guatemala, Honduras ect.). I guess now you mean Hispanics which is assuming that only Hispanics work at that establishment. You do not know that, which makes your comment irrelevant because you are not informed.

      • Fred

        Yea…all the same. This is America…not mexico…or honduras…or guatemala…or south america. These are the feelings that are created when you invade a country. Too bad

      • Brianna

        Again you are making an uninformed comment. I am a US born citizen. You are right this is America and it is a shame when this beautiful country has individuals as yourself who do not take the time to be properly informed and therefore make foolish comments.

      • Brianna

        Hahahaha. Ok it’s = it is or it has. Ex)
        Its’ shows possession. Now this is a comma (,) this is an apostrophe (‘) so I’m guessing you tried to say “apostrophe implied”. There is no such thing as apostrophe implied. I’m just going to stop here because I feel I’m getting dumber by the second just trying to have a conversation with you sir.

      • Patrick

        Not sure that it is possible for you to get dumber Brianna, if you think we are uninformed about our country being invaded.

      • Fred

        Since when did It has become a contraction??? And where did you come up with an apostrophe??? It is mexicans, (pause…. Thus the comma) people…thus the fogger. Here : su gente mexicanos, por lo tanto el generador de niebla….now go ask your neighbors.

      • Brianna

        Contraction? What are you talking about? Sir I didn’t come up with it, I have been using an apostrophe/coma since elementary school. What do you want me to ask my neighbors sir? By the way you using google translate doesn’t make you smarter because google translate, translates the words correctly 50% of the time.

      • Fred

        One must strive to hold close his allies, but it is of more importance to hold close his enemies…so I do not need Google translate.

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