Shocking video shows how parents impact children’s obesity

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A recent public awareness video aims to show how obesity-related health problems can be a result of a person’s long-term behavior — dating back to how their parents raised them.

The video was produced by Strong4Life as part of a campaign started by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

“This video touches on the point that obesity doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a lifetime’s worth of bad habits, bad choices, and bad nutrition,” reads the YouTube description, posted by Your Nutrition Spot. “There’s still time to change all that by making better choices!”


  • Joan Bornes

    This is ridiculous. A mom feeding a baby fries doesn’t spiral into an adult having a heart attack…. I don’t care how you twist it… Any responsible parent doesn’t feed their kid junk all the time…. And fries once a month don’t do this…. Bad habits to this… Keeping your kids inside, not exploring with them the great outdoors or parks. Everything in moderation.. Video games aren’t bad, but in used in excess they are…. I hate this parent blaming generation. Everything is the parents faults when their 39 year old (child) has a heart attack…. really? I mean half of the ‘kids’ life was on his own the other half is what the parent is in-control over…. How about we take responsibility for our own actions…. If you’re eating mc. D every day and not working out or burning calories it’s your fault… Drinking that 2nd can of soda a day, and foregoing water or healthy choices, thats on you…… MAN UP! Stop hiding behind other people to blame!

    • Bob

      You’re joking, right? The entire video showed not only a baby eating fries but parents REPEATEDLY playing accomplice to bad choices. And no, you’re absolutely right I guess: “your parents should have raised you better” apparently applies to certain things, but not towards others. Selective parenting works both ways. Whether out of simple ignorance, or poor parenting, to say that this is ridiculous is ignorant on your part, because this is how I grew up. Fed, provided for, and raised by parents who didn’t know proper nutrition themselves. Only now in my 20s am I able to work towards trying to be healthy — and the damage is done. Health problems, a bad heart, and habits to exacerbate them. You’re right, it is on a person as an adult to make the right decisions — minus the proven fact that food is as much as an addiction as any drug, or alcohol, can be. Tell someone who’s spent 25 years eating the wrong way to stop — and most of the time, it’s just not that easy. The entire point of the video, is one of common sense, and it astounds me you can’t grasp it — if a child is raised to value proper nutrition, health, and exercise — we don’t have to grow up to be told by the Doctor “Sorry about your luck, but if you don’t drop this weight — you’re going to die.” — to say that’s not on the parents AT ALL, is what is absolutely ridiculous. Your kids take what you teach them into adulthood, good OR bad, that’s part of, you know, parenting.

      • JulieC

        Thank you!!! I was thinking all the same things!! Adults know how to do what their parents teach them as children!! As the mother of a 16 and a 3 year old, I have proof of this in front of me every day.

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