Hate group protests in Troy; residents say they’re embarrassed

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TROY, N.C. – A hate group from Caswell County stood outside the steps of the Montgomery County courthouse on Saturday, shouting at counter-protesters.

The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said they had planned to speak against illegal immigration.

Instead of a formal speech, the hate group shouted words of white power and hate against “mixed breeds.”

The event turned into an hour-long shouting match between the Klan and the counter-protesters across the street.

The hate group and the counter-protesters were separated by Troy police, Montgomery County deputies and highway patrol officers.

Scout Rosen drove from Charlotte to protest against the Klan rally.

“This is my home state and I think a lot of us are pretty disturbed with the idea of them thinking that this is the kind of place they can have those kinds of rallies,” Rosen said.

The people of Troy said they were just embarrassed the town would allow such a protest.

“I didn't think they would allow something like this to be happening,” said Devante Gainy.

Despite threats from both sides of the street, there was no violence.


  • FaithC

    Do thee people realize as long as you pay the money for the permit and don’t do anything against the law, you can have whatever rally you want. They may not like the message, but freedom of speech gives them the right to say it.
    I can’t stand groups such as this, I can’t stand anyone who wants to burn our flag…but I will defend their right to do it. It is what our country is based on. We don’t get to pick and choose who has freedom of speech, it is for all or it is for none. You don’t have to agree with what they are saying but they have the right to say it.

    • david

      Just troy pd, deputies, and shp…you must not have actually been there, or you can’t report stuff accurately.

    • Alex

      Amen. As much as I don’t agree with their “mixed breed, white power” statements and such I also do not agree with people trying to hinder our freedom of speech. It seems our country is getting further and further away from freedom and we cannot just let that right go.

    • Sharon

      I second that. Thanks so much. I am from Troy and am upset that this is now a part of Troy’s history. It’s very upsetting and in no way represents the feelings of the fine towns people of Troy!

    • thug

      Your right. I just read last week where the naacp lynched some white people trying to move in a black neighborhood. Long history of violence with that bunch.

      • Flora thurman

        I don’t know where you read that at that would of been all over the news and on the internet and I never found anything on it and I have all the news channels on my Facebook for North Carolina and virginia

      • ncnarrator

        I wouldn’t have thought that comment needed a sarcasm tag, but apparently it did since Flora took it seriously. In other news, I just read that Congress has repealed the law of gravity, but Mother Nature is vowing to fight it.

      • Jason

        I am so happy to read some funny and witty comments this morning!!! Looks like the energy put out in the rally kept most of the fox 8 commenters in the bed…..well except for Diddly.

      • akia

        There just to much of a pussy to do it… and I will bet you 10 million dollars you will never find a pic of a klansman hanging or doing anything wrong

    • Mike

      No, they are not the same as the NAACP. Their black counterparts are the Black Hebrew Israelites and, the New Black Panther party. Look up the Israelites rants they do in Times Square on youtube. The NAACP is not a terrorist, or racial hate group.

  • david

    Just troy pd, deputies, and shp…you must not have actually been there, or you can’t report stuff accurately.

  • randomblackguy

    Sooo, let me get this straight…he is angry because the illegal immigrants are buying all the toothpaste, leading to his poor dental hygiene? Is that it?

  • Chris

    As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I condemn the actions of these racist holding the Confederate Battle flag. They have used the battle flag along with other patriotic American symbols as if they represent Southerners or white Americans. They do not! Groups like these make our (SCV) efforts in preserving Southern/Confederate heritage many steps backward for each step forward we make.

  • Mike

    A “mixed-breed?” So people are like show dogs, or farm animals? Really, this group and, their black counterparts (Black Hebrew Israelites/New Black Panthers -look them up on youtube) should continue to stay in the public eye, so we can see them for what they are.

  • Lindsey

    When will people just stop judging others by looks, beliefs,etc…if you don’t like what someone is saying “Don’t listen” if you don’t like the way they look “Don’t look at them” if you don’t like a post some one writes “Don’t read it” I am from Montgomery County..these two groups opinions do not concern me at all its their right to say what they want, it does not reflect on me as a person.

    • Bart

      Okay, Lindsey, when someone talks bad about you, wishes you did not exist, and would not think twice about killing you if they think they can get away with it, we won’t listen to them or judge them.

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