Woman seeking justice after dog killed at Davie Co. campground

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DAVIE COUNTY, N.C. -- A young woman in Mocksville is looking for justice, because she says her dog was violently killed earlier this week.

Scarlett Weber says she got her dog Gypsy last year. Gypsy was a Miniature Pinscher Yorkie mix. Pictures are all Weber has now after what happened at the Lake Myers Campground Wednesday night.

“It's a little rough when you see somebody slam your dog on the ground. You look over and she's not moving. I pick her up and her neck is broken,” said Weber.

sdgsfhWeber told FOX8 a woman she’d never met before tried to take Gypsy while she was doing laundry. Weber says she told the woman to stop and put her dog down. Instead, she says the woman threw Gypsy to the ground and the dog died on impact.

“Her reaction after the fact was even worse. She walked over to my dog said, ‘That's what you get for being rude,’ and just walked away,” said Weber.

Weber showed FOX8 a copy of the incident report written by the Davie County Sheriff’s Office.

“They gave her a misdemeanor for animal cruelty, and they escorted her off the property. Other than that, that's pretty much all they've done,” said Weber.

A North Carolina animal cruelty law, called Susie’s Law, says people can be charged with a felony for maliciously killing or abusing an animal. If found guilty, a person can get up to 10 months in prison.

Weber says a misdemeanor charge in Gypsy’s case isn’t enough.

“I had to bury my dog yesterday. It's one of those things where now I have to deal with the aftermath of losing my child really,” said Weber.

The Davie County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control did not reply to requests for comment on the case Friday.


  • stinger90

    Why did she just go over and slam the women to the ground or something. No one and I mean on one would do that to one of my animals as long as I’m around.

    • stinger90

      Hey, I guess the POS that flagged me thought it’s okay for the lady to kill that dog. Geez oh mighty fox8

    • Kelley

      Stinger90 – the story posted by FOX8 is one-sided. The woman did not “slam” the puppy to the ground. She was trying to help catch the puppy after the owners failed to put on a leash and chose to let the puppy run freely. When she tried to put the puppy down after being verbally accosted by the young woman, the puppy, as puppies do, slipped from her arms. Also, there are other witnesses who have corroborated the woman’s story saying it was clearly an accident.

  • lindasue

    so sad for you loss. Try a large dog, a Great Dane or German Shepherd next time. No one will mess with you nor your dog !!

  • No Hope For Change

    On the surface does sound like that felony charge would suffice.What is this crazy cretins name?

  • Brandi

    I could not imagine what my reaction would be if someone did that to one of my dog. I would have gone ballistic! I commend the pet owner on not losing control during the incident and just calling law enforcement. The woman who done this should be charged with a felony! She obviously intentionally done this and what kind of sick person does that to an animal who did nothing to ask for that kind of cruelty!

  • Jessica Ashley

    That is just messed up this woman need to be sent to jail for 5 yrs or more insted of getting just a slap on the wrist

    • Bob Jones

      This comment was in reply to one that has been deleted by the moderator. I would delete it but can’t. Please ignore it.

      • Huboken

        I don’t know which is worse, the inflammatory nature of this ‘story’ or the fact that so many of you are buying it? WHEN this woman is exonerated of these ridiculous charges after the truth comes out, you will all see this for what it really is: White Trash (have you seen the video?) exploiting the ACCIDENTAL death of her dog (that her own mother CAUSED) in hopes of getting a payday. I just hope that all of you, especially Mr. Kelley, can be adjoined in the defamation suit that is sure to follow this egregious attack on a young lady’s character. Although I should expect nothing less from viewers of any Fox affiliate.

    • Ken

      First off, who said it was. Second, That is an asinine and ignorant comment to make. For a lot of people, their pets are their “kids”. For you to make such stupid comment shows a clear lack of understanding on your part. Please refrain from further comment.

      • Barbie

        Uh, excuse me there, Ken, but in the article the woman is quoted as saying ‘I have to deal with the aftermath of losing my child really’. I have to agree. People these days have gotten SOOOOOO dog crazy and they treat them like their children. It’s so ridiculous. I’m sorry, but a pets life is not even close to the worth of a child. I do not, however, condone the abuse of animals. There’s no need to be unnecessarily cruel to any living thing.

    • John

      You don’t know how she felt about her dog, some people care about their pets more than people care about thier own children. So shut it

    • Robyn Merry Wilcox

      Excuse me? How do you know that? To some people, who don’t have children, loosing their beloved pet IS MOST CERTAINLY LIKE LOOSING THEIR CHILD!!! I just lost my beloved lab, after having her for almost 13 years, my heart is broken & I miss my sweet baby! She was my life & my love! … You have obviously not ever had a pet or if you did/do, don’t treat it like a family member!!

  • Jeanie Nelson

    Answer this ladies question she needs to hire a attorney and see if the woman can be sued. If she can’t sue and the dogs laws in existence don’t work there is not much else.

  • Dan Kelly

    Dear Fox 8,
    As a producer of the film SUSIE’S HOPE, which depicts the implementation of Susie’s Law in NC, I contacted Davie County Sheriff’s Department. They confirmed that the D.A. is moving forward with a FELONY indictment. I hope you will do a follow-up story as they move forward with this case. I support the Davie County Sheriff’s Department’s efforts, and I look forward to justice being served for Gypsy.
    Dan Kelly

    • Kelley

      Hi Dan – I urge you to hear both sides of this story as the young lady featured isn’t telling the complete story.

    • kim

      It is not fair you only heard one side of the story its things like this why nobody help anyone anymore. She was try to help got the dog that was not on a leash out of the road like she was asked to do . I dont belive for one minute that she threw the dog down . You guy are unbelievable. I feel bad for the dog but I feel worse for the lady who was just trying to help .

  • Kelley

    Folks, the woman who accidentally dropped this dog was never contacted for her side of this story. This is a case of “no good deed goes unpunished” and it’s sad. What the young lady interviewed FAILED to mention was that her mother, walking from a separate direction, asked the woman to help catch the elusive dog. The woman did just that in an effort to help. However, the young lady couldn’t see or hear her mother because there was a camper between the two. She belligerently yelled profanities at the woman claiming she was trying to steal her dog. When the woman went to put the dog down, the puppy rolled out of her arms and fell. This is not a case of abuse. The young woman also did not mention that even her mother and boyfriend told her repeatedly that it was an accident and that the woman was only trying to help. When the police went to interview the mother she was no where to be found. Other witnesses have made statements siding with the woman that it was purely an accident. I am sorry for the loss of the puppy, but I am truly appalled at the accusations against this good samaritan. But it teaches me one thing, helping others is sometimes just not worth it.

  • kim

    First I would like to send my sympathy to the owner for this horrible accident. I stress the word accident. This woman that your accusing of harming animals, is the same person who would never hurt any living creature. Literally hates to see anyone kill a bug in front of her,rescues animals all the time,has nursed birds,dogs,cats,rabbits back to good health. Its sad that her trying to help protect the dog and this happens. One woman yelling can you help me get my dog to another saying put my dog down, screaming and coming towards her scaring the woman and im sure confused.

  • kim

    And fox 8 I cant believe you would air a one sided story like this guess it’s all about the ratings no matter who you hurt or what the truth is (get the real facts )

  • doug

    I hate that an accident like this happened and under stand everyone’s feelings, but what happened to hearing both side before finding someone guilty. I have known the person you are all bashing for some time now, and she would never harm any living thing. She has helped more people and animals then you will ever know. This girl that lost her dog is twisting thing to make her self look better. Everyone should keep there threat to them self and just hope to god you do not find yourselves on ether side of a situation like this. I do feel bad for the loss of the dog, however the person you are all going after seems to be hurting more then the girl that the dog belonged to over the death of her dog.

  • Summer

    The lady who is being BRUTALLY accused is someone who loves animals. Who rescues animals in need. I am appalled by Channel 8 News for sharing one side of this case. You should be ashamed. In no means is it okay to ever abuse an animal, let alone kill one. But this woman DID NOT abuse or harm any animal, she was trying to help it. I guess this really shows how messed up people are and you can no longer help anyone/anything or you may be accused of things that are most certainly not true. May the dog rest in peace, and the poor woman getting accused get justice from the brutal accusations being made.

  • Andrea

    I cannot believe that Fox 8 would run a story without getting both sides first. I have known this woman for many years, she is my neighbor and I assure you she is not a malicious killer. She is a very compassionate, caring loving soul with a heart of gold. I have seen her lose sleep over rescuing many different animals (a bird and rabbits included). She took in and cared for a neighborhood cat. She picked up a dog who had mange from the side of the road and nursed her and searched for a home for her. I have been in the car with her when she stopped and saved a snapping turtle from getting crushed by a car. She has a dog who she rescued from the shelter. She won’t even kill a bug. She is the most incredible mom who doesn’t own a TV because she thinks there’s too much violence on it. It sickens me that people don’t care to seek the truth they only believe what they want to believe. This woman would NEVER ever do something like this. She is always helping people and animals without hesitation. She is an animal activist herself. I feel bad over the loss of this girls dog but the truth needs to be told. It was an accident and accidents do happen and they can happen to anyone.

  • Carly

    Justice- fair, equity, evenhandedness, and righteousness. This is a one-sided story, all those who are putting the woman down about “slamming a dog down”, should hear her side of the story as well. It would only be fair to her, to let her share her story with us to. This woman is a kind lady who helps anyone and anything from a turtle on the street to a human being in need. She is big hearted, kind, loving, and loves to help. I just wish to all those who have either read or heard about this, that you all hear this young woman’s side of the story to.

  • Amber

    I honestly can’t understand people sometimes. One person is blowing this accident out of proportion with lies for sympathy and support and every person out there is backing her up. YOU DON’T KNOW! That is what i have to say. Why don’t you try asking somebody who is a lover of all living things who just happens to be on the wrong side of this accusation. Try getting the whole story Fox8 and try getting the truth for once!

  • Elizabeth

    I know this women and i know that she would never do something so disgusting. She is a very respectful and careful lover of animals and humans alike. You can’t form your own opinion with one side of the story. The truth is this all started with a misunderstanding and it turned into a huge accident. Please just don’t be shocked when somebody is accusing you of something that didn’t happen because that is all that is going on here.

  • Stacy

    Sounds like the accuser is sue happy. There are two sides to every story and you’re clearly only hearing one. really who would just walk up to someone and in front of them slam their dog on the ground without thinking there’s going to be consequences. people just don’t do that. I think the accuser is making up a story that is nowbgoing to ruin this-poor girls life. Did she think of that? What goes around comes around.

  • Toria

    This story has taught me two things; not to believe every thing on the news, and to only help myself because I guess thats what the world is coming to now. Are you people kidding me? Do you see the girl in the video, with her 9 pieces of jewlery on trying to get attention and look nice for her 7 seconds of fame. The woman being accused of all this loves people AND animals. Even rescued dogs before! Was a social worker and and genuinely great person. This story has been beyond twisted by this girl and the news, and its sad that this girl is willing to ruin this woman’s life and reputation for some attention or money.

  • Bon Jovi Fan

    This girl is telling the wrong story. Kelley, who posted above is right about this story. This girl in the video, asked the girl who was charged to “help look for her dog”. When the woman offered to help her, she went to look for the dog, found the dog, then went to get the girl who lost it to give the dog back to her, and the dog started to yelp loudly because it was scared. The dog then jumped down out of the woman’s arms who is being accused of animal cruelty, and after the dog jumped down, it broke it’s neck and died. The woman accused felt so terrible because she was trying to help this woman find her dog, did so, then the woman accused her of killing her dog, did not come forth with the truth, and now the girl who is being accused lost her job and is being slandered throughout the media. I have someone who is good friends with the accused, and this whole story was fabricated by this woman in the video to gain publicity and fame, and now this woman who has falsely been accused has lost her job, and has no money to support her family and daughter, who was a witness to what really happened. I hope this woman in the video gets whats coming to her for defacing another human being.

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