Teenager on ATV accused of leading Davidson Co. deputies on high-speed chase

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Friendship Ledford Road near Saddlechase Lane (Google Maps)

DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — A High Point teenager is accused of leading Davidson County deputies on a high-speed chase on an ATV, reaching speeds of 75 mph.

Nickolas L. Beck, 17, faces various charges including resisting a public officer and operating an ATV on a street or highway.

Deputies said they responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle shortly after midnight Sunday in the area of Friendship Ledford Road near Saddlechase Lane.

Deputies had been investigating a rise in recent vehicle breaking and enterings in the same vicinity, according to authorities.

Officials said that deputies tried pulling the suspect over, when he accelerated in his ATV, leading deputies on a 4-mile chase, reaching speeds of 75 mph.

The chase ended in a wooded area where the suspect left the ATV and ran off, according to deputies. He was later arrested and charged.

Deputies said there were no injuries or property damage as a result of the chase.


  • Chucky

    I didn’t know ATV’s would go 75mph. That is actually pretty impressive. I’m glad they caught the guy. That could have turned out so much differently.

    • Elizabeth Earnhardt

      They didn’t catch the kid, he turned himself in. And what kind of cop would chase a kid on a atv going 70mph? Boys will be Boys. Davidson county has nothing better to do.

      • Chucky

        I’m thinking the reason for the chase was because of the timing. It is strange for someone to be out on an ATV in the middle of the night. If they were having problems with break-ins in the neighborhood he would certainly be a potential suspect. I don’t blame them for chasing him.

      • RealHomeownerwAgun

        That happens Elizabeth when they running from the cops. It would have ended very badly if I caught him on MY property! Thank you Davidson Co.Deputies!

      • Elizabeth Earnhardt

        It’s strange for teenage boys to ride a 4 wheeler at night? He ran because he got scared he did nothing else wrong! Davidson county cops are just embarrassed because he got away! I’m sure there were more important things going on that night they could’ve been doing,instead of chasing a kid on a 4 wheeler..

      • IsakBoun

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      • Doh.

        Some ATV’s go faster than that. And what’s strange about a kid on an ATV at night? Where we live, we go out on ATV’s at night if we want to, and our neighbors mind their own business.

      • Darrell Parks

        Riding a 4 wheeler after midnight on a public road? How dare those big bad deputies harass that sweet innocent boy? People like you make life difficult for teachers because when the kids act up in class, they know you “have their back” and won’t let the bully teachers pick on them.

      • Tom Wilt

        Elizabeth, read the entire article. They have been having problems with folks breaking into vehicles. In that very area. It was after midnight. If someone I didn’t know was riding a atv around my place after midnight, you can bet I’m going to want to know who it is. And I do live in Davidson county. The fact that he ran sure isn’t the Deputies fault.

  • Big Johnson

    That’s what I’m talking about Nick. Raise hell! I’m glad you boys got the four wheeler back

    • No Hope For Change

      Yeah boah, you go Nick. I hope you congratulate him when he graduates to a prison cell. He’ll be riding with a big burly cellie then, ha, ha.

      • Big Johnson

        He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He doesn’t have any charges that would require jail time. Find out your information before you make ignorant comments.

  • No Hope For Change

    DopieLiz, why should they be embarrassed that he got away? Its an off road four wheeler that goes 75 are you unrealistic much? I don’t know many police vehicles that can get into places an ATV can go. Yes, it is strange for a boy to be riding an ATV at night Mrs. Enabler and no the deputies didn’t have any thing better to do. I want my deputies to chase down punk kids who need to be taught a lesson about respect for the law. Keep an eye on this kids name by the sounds of it we’ll be seeing his name on the news again. I’ll say told you so when the time comes.

  • No Hope For Change

    SmallPecker, not sure if you are illiterate or what but according to the above article he clearly did something wrong. IE, “FACES VARIOUS CHARGES (which tells me including but not limited to) Resisting a public officer & Operating an ATV on street or highway”. No jail time, huh? Not according to the state of NC which says for the resisting charge alone you can face up to 60 days in jail. Who is the ignorant one, hmm? Besides I said he will graduate to a prison cell if he keep it up not jail there is a difference. Nick will be wearing DOC stripes if he doesn’t smarten up.

  • No Hope For Change

    ‘”He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He doesn’t have any charges that would require jail time.”

    Does that make any sense? Nothing and something (charges) at the same time Did you mean nothing serious? Ok, so he got charged with a misdemeanor not a felony you should be so proud. Like I said keep encouraging him he’ll graduate.

  • Elizabeth Earnhardt

    Our justice system is so backwards. Why don’t you focus on the scabs out here breaking into people’s homes or getting drug dealers off the streets. Leave a kid riding a fourwheelers alone, I doubt he was hurting anyone. Smh.

  • John

    If people actually knew what was going on in the area a lot of them would feel like idiots. A good friend of mine’s FourWheeler was stolen out of the area less than a week ago. My aunts car was broken into less than a month ago several neighbors and friends cars and houses were broken into in the area. All within the last month. Now with that said what cop in their right mind wouldn’t look at an individual on an ATV at 11pm. Granted all he had to do pull over, he may had gotten a ticket but now im sure its much worse now that he ran from them. Heck after they figured out he was just “riding” around then im sure they would have sent him on his was or had someone come pick it up. We all have done dumb things but considering the area ” Friendship Ledford Rd ” has been a hot spot for break in’s the past few months Davidson County done what they should have done. If half these people commenting on here have had something stolen from them in the past like a fourwheeler im sure they would want everyone that was spotted searched. I know as I had not one but two fourwheelers stolen from me around 2003. It is not a good feeling its like an invasion of your privacy.

    Live and learn .

    • Ronnie

      So true John, with all the larcenies, b&e to motor vehicle’s and break-in’s to outbuildings in the area lately I sure the deputies didn’t consider that the 4 wheeler may have been stolen huh?? looks like were dealin’ with a couple idiot’s or disgruntled citizen’s whose candidate didn’t win the primary. And yes , riding a 4 wheeler on the roadway can become a serious crime. The way I see it ; a violation of the law is a violation of the law.

  • stephanie

    Come on people ,don’t be so harsh ,Elizabeth happens to be Nick mother he is a good kid hejust made a bad choice of how to react,he got scared just like most kids would I’m sure we all have something in our past that we made a bad decision on,boys will be boys and I also see the cops point of view with him running from them and the breakends in that area I do understand they were doing thier job ,but maybe we should pray for Nick instead of judging his mistake he made

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