Report of baby abandoned in NC dumpster a hoax, according to police

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KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — A woman reported that she found a newborn Friday afternoon in a dumpster outside a McDonald’s, according to the Kannapolis Independent Tribune.

But, Kannapolis Police Chief Woody Chavis told WSOC-TV that there were questions surrounding the story and later determined the story was a hoax.

Police said a 21-year-old woman admitted to self-delivering the child sometime earlier in the day at her home in Concord.

The woman said she left the McDonald’s at on Cannon Boulevard around 1:30 p.m. and heard a baby crying near the dumpster.

“After viewing security footage it appears that the baby was not ever placed near the dumpster at the McDonald’s in Kannapolis,” Chavis said.

The woman took the baby to Carolinas Medical Center – Northeast. Police said the baby is okay.


  • sinner 3

    More and more infants simply thrown in the trash ! But you people argue that we are not third world !!

  • Helium

    So sad….a recent story had a family who had a stillborn and looked and sounded like a loving family that endured a terrible tragedy….and here we have a mother who just dumped her newborn child next to a dumpster. Pretty freakin pathetic some people are!

  • Just Saying

    Take the babies to a safe house. Any hospital, police station, not a dumpster. Give these human beings a chance, they did not ask to be born. There are so many good people that would love the opportunity to raise a child. It is so selfish and cruel to leave a baby to starve to death, to just be alone and die.

  • Grace McCurley

    There is so much birth control out there, why don’t people use it…. instead of having baby’s to kill them

  • Dana Marie Eisenmann

    I dont understand why ppl throw away children.. there are so many loving homes out there that will take them. You can take the babies to any hospital and not be charged with a crime.. why dont ppl do that. Ignorance is bless I guess.

  • Jackie

    We want children and cant have them and people are just throwing away their children. It breaks my heart!

    • Cut them some slack

      The news article was updated at 4:47pm. Did you read that at the top of the page? All of their comments were on the ORIGINAL version of the article.

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