NC mom referred to bathroom at Discovery Place to breastfeed baby

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte mom decided to vent on social media after she says an employee at the Discovery Place in Charlotte referred her to a bathroom to breastfeed her baby.

The mother later posted a picture on Facebook with a caption that read:

“Hey Discovery Place, this is where I was told I needed to go to feed my baby today. Take a page from your own book. Breastfeeding is natural and the majority of your support comes from families.”

Source: WSOC




  • Ty Raid@ wm2793

    ok I know I’m gonna get some blowback from the militant feminist crowd however some women have zero sense when it comes to where wand when they breastfeed. Like standing in line at a McDonalds or Walmart or at a movie theater, whst the heck are you doing bringing a newborn to a movie anyway come on ladies get some sense.

    • Justin

      I agree with you. There is a time and a place for everything. Just because you have an infant does not mean you have the right to breast feed any where at any time. Do I feel bad that she was relegated to the bathroom for privacy? Hell no. With better planning, or, God forbid, making her child wait, she could have performed this feeding in the comfort and privacy of her own home.

      • bella07

        Justin you are absolutely wrong!! I raised my children and when your baby has to eat,that is what you do, you feed it.I breastfed my babies right in the middle or the mall or wherever I was, I did cover with a blanket.If you or anyone else has a problem with this you can look the other way.

      • 172jen

        Make the baby wait? So what you’re saying is you would rather listen to a screaming baby than have to see a baby eat? This isn’t a bratty 6 year old we’re talking about – these are infants that have to eat every couple hours. They can’t just wait. They do not have enough fat storage to wait. And if they are forced to wait, they will scream. That’s how babies let mothers know they are hungry since they can’t talk. If this mother let her baby scream, you would say she’s a bad mom. And yet, when she does what is right for her kid, you also criticize her. So is there any way for her to do things right, according to you?

      • Serah

        Yeah, bc we chose when our babies are hungry! Lol smh you people are so ignorant. And no, not all babies will take a bottle. It’s unnatural. If you don’t like my feeding my child in the same line as you, then don’t freaking look. How bout that?!

      • Karen Turner

        I breastfed all 4 of my children..but this was 28-38 yrs youngest is now was people like you that made me feel uncomfortable even tho I did cover up and it was something perfectly natural to do..that is what the breasts are for believe it or not, is feeding your child..and believe me, when your child is hungry, he or she wants to be fed then and woman should have to go hide in the bedroom or wherever as I did just because it made someone with a sick mind uncomfortable..and children should be taught that this is something perfectly normal and natural..I actually got a ticket one time because of this..I was on the road and my son started screaming at the top of his lungs wanting to be fed..I, at the time, did not feel comfortable pulling off on the side of the rd,(b/c of ppl like u) so I was trying to hurry and get off at an exit and go in behind a store. A state patrolman was actually behind me(was unaware of him)..gave me a ticket for speeding and said I was trying to evade tho when I stopped, he heard my child screaming..I was so upset with him that I made him stand there while I fed my child before I would sign the ticket..told him I stopped to feed my child and that was what I was going to do..mothers breastfeeding their children should not have to go thru what I went thru..

    • Serah

      Ty raid, so what? If im in line and my baby is hungry I have to make him wait to feed him? Just to make you more comfortable? Uhh no. I don’t think so. And also, big FYI here- not all babies that breastfeed are newborns!! Plain and simple-if you don’t like the looks of a mother feeding her child-DONT LOOK!!! Or how about maybe you cover your face when you eat and see how comfortable that is for you. No apologies here, my child comes before anyone else’s need to feel unakward at the checkout. Or anywhere for that matter.

  • Just the facts

    Leave Bella alone, she said she covered herself with a blanket. I too, breastfeed in public but I was discreet and no one knew that I was feeding my baby. The problem people have today is the women that just plop their breast out anywhere and in front of everyone. Most of them are not as concerned about feeding their baby as they are about causing a reaction.

  • lilmomma

    As a mom who breastfed I will share that packing a bottle is a great idea, but then the problem pops up that the milk is still produced & causes physical discomfort for the mother and additionally, without pumping the milk out, supply flow gets disrupted for the next couple feeding cycles: in other words it is VERY inconvenient. No I don’t think every public facility should have breast-feeding areas (after all, it is a personal choice on what & how you choose to feed your child), however perhaps institutions aimed at providing family entertainment could take measures to ensure a more positive experience. They have done so by providing diaper-changing stations…..
    Yes the mom & baby could stay at home, or the entire family could wait until the nursing child is older to go, but by then the business has lost out on paying customers….
    As far as the moms who pop a boobie out in public, there are great ways of covering up so that nursing is discreet. Yes, nursing a baby is a beautiful thing, but not everyone wants to see it….

  • Questions??

    Was she covered up is the question here. I think a mother should be allowed to feed anywhere she is allowed at as a customer. In fact I thought there was a law that states that. However, I do think you should cover up. If people STILL have a problem with it, then maybe they just don’t have any children.

  • mandy

    It honestly does not matter how you feel about breastfeeding. The law states it is allowed any place the mother is allowed to be, plus it is exempted from the public indecency law. I will not spend a few hundred on a pump and bottles just because someone is upset i feed my baby the way God intended.

      • 172jen

        Mandy is right:
        N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-190.9 (1993) states that a woman is allowed to breastfeed in any public or private location, and that she is not in violation of indecent exposure laws. (HB 1143)

      • Cheryl Eads

        Why would you want to do a thing like this, feed the baby anytime you like , just pick a place that every one don’t have to be apart of it, I have kids but would never want to do this, have some respect for others…NEVER would I think of doing this just out of respect for others and my self…..Ladies it’s called RESPECT for your self and others around you, when you go to the bathroom you don’t do that around every one RESPECT

  • FaithC

    Why does she have to cover up. I hate to tell all you people this, but a women’s breasts #1 purpose is for feeding her child. Get over yourself. It is not only the best for your baby, it is what nature intended. As far as taking a bottle…some people do not believe in bottle feeding at all. Why should a woman change her choice in the way she feeds her child because a bunch of people act like 12 year olds when the see a breast. Grow up.

    • Jennifer

      I can understand why people would ask that you cover yourself while breastfeeding. I totally support breastfeeding, however some parents would not want their 12 year old son seeing a woman exposing her breasts. It’s just courtesy to others. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing, but completely exposing yourself is not always appropriate. It just takes a light blanket and then everyone is satisfied. I think more places, especially family attractions, should offer special rooms for breastfeeding moms. Maybe a quiet place with soothing music. Just offer it as another option.

    • Julie

      Seriously? I would never breast feed in public. No one wants to see it. And most women I’ve seen make it obvious. You want us to know you’re doing it but you get mad when we look. Cover yourself up. Its not that hard. My little boy doesn’t need to be seeing your tits and asking me a million questions about why you’re exposing yourself.

  • Neilee

    I think this comes down to people that don’t understand breast feeding and don’t understand babies. Some babies are perfectly fine being covered, but some hate it. Imagine having to eat under a blanket in the summer with another person’s body heat on top of that. It sounds crazy, but that is what some people want mom’s to do to their babies. Sending a mom to breastfeed in a bathroom is disgusting. Would you eat your lunch in a public restroom?

  • proud to breastfeed

    I am so fed up with people getting upset about breastfeeding. First off, babies are hungry when they are hungry, you can’t always schedule when it! Second, BREASTFEEDING IS WHAT BREASTS ARE FOR!! My baby refuses a bottle and a pacifier, so I am supposed to starve him because you don’t want to see a cover over my body because you know what I am doing like I should be ashamed or something. I shouldn’t be any more ashamed of my decision to breastfeed as a mother that chooses not to breastfeed as God intended and uses formula! The sad thing is that most of the haters wouldn’t mind seeing exposed breasts if they were not feeding a baby!

    • wait what??

      Ok, I’m confused. I always thought the main purpose of breasts was for ogling and breastfeeding was only secondary. But you’re saying it’s the other way around??? My mind is blown!

  • amanda

    I am a breast feeding mom and my daughter is 14 months and at this age its hard to keep her covered but I do what i can when IM in public but just because someone else feeds uncomfortable Im not going to make my baby girl uncomfortable and be hurgery. Ya you can take pre made bottles but sometime you run out. the main thing I dont understand is MEN/WOMEN LIKE LOOKING AT GIRLS FLASHING THEM BUT DONT LIKE SEEING A MOTHER FEEDING THEIR BABY. dosen’t make sense at all if you dont like someone breast feeding then dont look or walk away. Plain and simple

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