Girl with sore throat given HPV vaccine, dies hours after leaving doctor

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WAUKESHA, Wisc. — A 12-year-old Wisconsin girl died hours after she went to the doctor for a sore throat and received the HPV vaccine, according to WITI.

Rebecca Prohaska took her daughter, Meredith, to the doctor after she complained of a sore throat. While there, Meredith also received her first HPV vaccine.

“Thirty minutes later she was trying to sleep. I kept waking her up,” Rebecca Prohaska told WITI.

Later that afternoon, Prohaska went out to get food. When she came home, she found her daughter unconscious on the floor.

A 14-year veteran Emergency Medical Technician for the National Guard, Prohaska performed CPR on Meredith. The girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“The only thing different about that day was that shot. I wish I would’ve known more about it before I agreed to it,” Rebecca Prohaska told WITI.

According to the CDC, the most common side effects from the HPV vaccine are:

  • Syncope (or fainting)–common after needle injections, especially in pre-teens and teens
  • Local reactions at the site of immunization (pain and redness)
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache

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  • Jennifer

    It is heart breaking for the family. I can’t imagine losing my daughter. I do think that there needs to be further investigation before the vaccine is blamed. Prayer go out to her family.

  • Rebecca

    Number 1 first of all never give a vaccine when someone is sick.
    Number 2 I give these vaccines very often since I work for a University and have never even had a patient get sick.
    Number 3 and most important a family just lost their child and are not going to care what caused it at the moment, Later on they will and then it will be decided if the vaccine caused it.

    • thirdwarning

      It is very sad that those parents have lost a child. However, their claim that it must be the vaccine that caused her death, when the cause of death is not yet known, is irresponsible. There is no real need for them to make a statement at all.

  • jane doe

    your comments are simply inaccurate and ignorant. There have been 2 vaccines removed in the past 10 years alone because they were so dangerous and killed or maimed children and infants. My son, back in 1988 received the now OLD and removed DPT shot. He had a febrile seizure and later , according to his pedi NEURO had tourettes as a DIRECT result of the DPT shot. Please do your own research instead of spouting off blatantly wrong info. I researched the HPV vaccine before even thinking of giving it to my daughter. Its deadly and there are no repercussions legally for the vaccine companies at all. Look it up. They have complete immunity. EVen if its proven they knew it was dangerous.

    • Irish cowboy

      The HPV vaxs only covers 4 types out of a bunch. HPV is preventable……KEEP YOUR PANTS/PANTIES ON…. Male and female…. Both cab get and carry, but only if they choose to play house….

      • thirdwarning

        You do know that HPV can also cause cancers of the head and neck, right? Yes, males and females can both carry HPV, and it spreads fairly easily, even with skin to skin contact. I assume you don’t expect that every person in the world will simply avoid any sort of sexual contact for the rest of their lives.

      • thirdwarning

        Gardasil covers 4 types of HPV, but those 4 are the ones that cause the vast majority of cervical and other cancers. Up to 90% of those cancers, in fact.

    • thirdwarning

      DTaP has been in use in the U.S. since 1997, so more than fifteen years. There were reports of problems with the whole cell pertussis vaccine, which is why the newer acellular vaccine is now in use. However, since then, research has shown that most of the reported problems with DTP were not actually related to the vaccine. Febrile seizures are not generally dangerous, although they can be frightening to parents.
      What would be the second vaccine you say was removed from use?

  • Jason

    She isn’t the first to die from the HPV vaccine. There are many, damaged by it also.

    stay away from this vaccine.

    • thirdwarning

      Actually, there have been no deaths caused by the vaccine. There have been some reported, but not one where the vaccine has been shown to be the cause.

      • Bonnie Jean Tucker

        You’re so so wrong, there have been plenty of deaths associated with it.You need to do some research and not open your big mouth again until you do!!! Because you don’t know jack!!!

  • Caring Mom

    @ Irish Cowboy: Not only are they preventable, but in the case that one does contract HPV, unless it is one of the cancer-causing versions, treatment either is totally unnecessary due to a complete lack of symptoms or is a simple matter of surgical removal of lesions and monitoring the situation thereafter, with some cases adding in pharmaceutical treatment in addition to the surgery. Most people with a healthy immune system will clear the virus within two years. The risk of death from the vaccine far outweighs any potential benefit, as far as I’m concerned.

    • thirdwarning

      But since you are neither scientist, nor medical professional, ‘as far as you’re concerned’ is simply your unsupported opinion. I do wonder a bit about your cavalier attitude toward surgery when it affects other people. I also wonder at you simply leaving aside the cancers that are caused by HPV. Do those not matter, or do you not have any argument for them?

  • Farereja

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